Wanduni Delivers a Strong Message in Latest Release "African Ghetto"

Born and raised in West Africa, R&B artist Wanduni is coming out with new and thoughtful music. Once Wanduni moved to Canada in 2006, he realized the type of sound and music he wanted to relay to his listeners. Offering up a refreshing perspective on the conditions he has lived through, Wanduni definitively uses his music as a platform. As Wanduni underwent considerable obstacles during the period of war, his curation of music never faced tribulation, as he persisted to synthesize the soundings that truly make up his artistry.

"African Ghetto" flows in a very contrasting way to what you may be used to from the typical R&B scene. Wanduni offers up more of a West African R&B style, which is highly noticeable from his vocal outflow. "African Ghetto" outlines the experiences of Wanduni, and his perspective on the life he lives in West Africa, notably the struggles the area faces. Wanduni relays thought-provoking lyricism to listeners in "African Ghetto", and explicitly states the hardships Wanduni has witnessed and personally felt during his childhood. The war-torn country has a surplus of adversity that's yet to be communicated to many, and Wanduni takes the time in "African Ghetto" to share and community such information. The track itself is incredibly intriguing to listen to (and we mean really listen), so we highly suggest the BuzzMusic community takes the time to tune into Wanduni's "African Ghetto".

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