"Want Me" Is a Brilliant Bad Attitude Modern Pop Track Delivered by Stacey Kelleher

Stacey Kelleher is a Nashville based pop/rock singer-songwriter who isn't afraid to push limits. From blending electronic elements from acts such as Dua Lipa and Halsey, guitars from Post Malone and Green Day, Stacey is able to fuse multiple genres to create a unique sound that is topped off with her perfectly raspy voice. Despite being only 22, Stacy has earned multiple musical honors and accolades. In 2019 alone she played over 120 shows in New England and beyond. She is now working on new music and performing more shows. Stacey's latest release "Want Me" is a brilliant bad attitude modern pop track that gives a perfect sense of space and rhythm between the soothing instrumentation and her beautifully raspy voice.

"Want Me" features banging drums, a soothing synth bell, a simple yet intricate production, and Stacey's emotional vocal performance. The vocal performance from Stacey is something truly special; it feels both raw and modern in all of the good ways, the almost edgy attitude in her voice perfectly suits the "bad girl" storytelling of the song while also keeping her beautifully smooth raspy tone. "Want Me" is something that you can crank at home, in the club, or the car and have a good time jamming along. A definite track for all of your feel-good playlists. Stream "Want Me" on Spotify here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Stacey! Your music style is something that is very unique, we're loving it! What had inspired you to blend in with all those various elements to create your style?

Hey y’all, thanks for having me and thank you for the kind words! Yeah, it’s a total blend of lots of different things. I’ve always been inspired by so many different genres, and in the past, I had trouble deciding what my sound would be because I couldn’t pick just one sound. So for this new era of stuff, I thought, “why not use all of it?” So after bouncing around ideas and sounds with my producer, Alisse Laymac, in Los Angeles, we finally found something that worked and that drew from all different styles of music. She’s the greatest and really helped me find the style and finished product that I loved. I love everything from rock to pop to hip-hop to R&B, and I think that’s reflected in the song. What was the songwriting and production process for "Want Me" like? Was there a particular element or story that inspired the song?

So I wrote “Want Me” with my good friend Mitchell Proctor a couple of years ago back in Boston when we were both attending Berklee, and then it was recorded that same summer in Los Angeles. We also did some work on it in Nashville, where I’m currently based. Alisse Laymac produced it and Zachary Pennington mastered it, and my friend Noah Wiehl added in those sick grungy guitars in the bridge and last chorus. And yes, the story behind it was that I got totally blindsided and manipulated by a really mean boy who made me believe a lot of false promises - he made me believe that he actually wanted to be with me through a string of lies, and then totally changed his story and I was just totally shocked. I was so mad when I sat down to write with Mitchell that we just decided to make it a stream of consciousness. I didn’t want to write a sad song - I wanted to project through the narrative of the lyrics how I was actually feeling, which is blunt and straight-up. And filled with swears, hahaha. After playing an incredible amount of shows, do you have any goals for future shows in 2020 that you're aiming to achieve? Are there any other goals as an artist that you have?

Yes! I’m looking to play more full band shows this year, which I’ve been starting off the year doing in Nashville. I’d also love to tour and I’m working on setting up some dates for later this year. I’d also love to be an opening act on a tour, so that’s something I’m looking into booking as well. How has living in Nashville inspired the music you're creating? Being considered the music hub of North America their music be a lot of inspiring content constantly around you! Is there a city that you dream to write music in?

Nashville really keeps me grounded and inspires me to work super hard and get the best songs I possibly can. There are so many incredible musicians, writers, producers, and creators here, and it’s so motivating and humbling to see and be a part of. I’d love to write more out in Los Angeles, and even London would be super cool. I’d also love to get up to New York as well. Each city kind of has a different way of approaching writing, which is so interesting and cool to see.

Thank you for talking with us Stacey, we look forward to hearing more music from you in the near future. What can fans anticipate next from you?

More singles! I have another song coming out in April and even more after that - look out for a steady stream of music in 2020. Definitely some tour dates, maybe some new merchandise, and I’m also really interested in collaborating with other musicians, too. I write for other artists as well, so hopefully some cuts by others! Thank you so much for chatting with me - I really appreciate your time and support.