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Warm Light Shines Bright and So Does, Andrew Frankel In, "That's Not The Sun"

Andrew Frankel attempts to not consume himself with writing love songs at this point in his career. Since conducting improvising orchestras, and experimental concerts for the deaf at UC Berkeley, the six-string electric fiddler and baritone ukulele-wielding singer has long enjoyed songwriting the way some people enjoy sitting down with a Sudoku.

As a huge fan of indie-rock, 60’s pop, and 80’s new wave himself, complexity in music has always been alluring, but years of experimenting leads the listener back to pleasant melodies you can sing to yourself walking down the street.

In the naturally gleaming light of Andrew Frankel’s, “That’s Not The Sun,” you can hear him delicately strumming along to the pride and joy of his ukulele, as he tones the ambiance down to a more subtle tempo for all to capture the mesmerizing performance he executes.

Emanating raw talent at its finest, Andrew Frankel’s gentle and soothing vocal presentation has a knack for allowing the listener to feel like they are in a safe place. Accompanied by his abstract depiction of lyrical genius, we look forward to getting lost in the words that he wisely lets flow.

Refreshing tones of the backing instrumentation seep into this piece gracefully. However, the permeating melodies don’t cast a shadow over the undeniable arrangement that is the centerpiece. You are able to confidently take in all aspects of, “That’s Not The Sun,” as each element that ties everything as one, has its own spotlight.

Sending you off into the tranquil realm of Andrew Frankel, there is no denying the ease in which he displays his artistic elegance. Polishing together an elusive resonance that stays on your mind when the going gets tough, he has an irrefutable knack for the creative melodies he seamlessly pieces together.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Andrew Frankel! Congratulations on the release of, “That’s Not The Sun.” Could you please share a glimpse into what this song means to you and what you would like listeners to take away from it?

It’s about thinking for yourself and not being afraid to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. When people hear the words ‘that’s not the sun you see,’ I’d like for them to look out the window and say, “Yes, yes it is.”

How did inspiration strike for the creative aspect of, “That’s Not The Sun?"

Sometimes images pop into my head, and I remember seeing a bunch of people squinting and shielding their eyes as they moved closer to a light source. I sort of captioned it with a warning “that’s not the sun” and felt a familiarity about that kind of distrust, denial, and fear, and just kept pulling that thread.

What non-musical influences do you allow to speak into the pieces of work that you create?

Great question! The video for “That’s not the Sun” features art by Richard Duardo—a close-up of the iconic ‘Kubric stare’ from A Clockwork Orange. But as a fan of surrealist art and absurdist humor, I aim for surreal imagery and double-entendres, and anytime I can work physics or neuroscience into a metaphor I am all for it.

What is a misconception that some may have of you as an artist and what is the actual truth behind this?

That I’m some depressed or a tortured artist—I’m fine. It’s just that some of my best work comes from moments of pain, and sometimes performing is like picking a scab—you bleed, but you’re not hurt.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

More probably. Why stop now? I’m a voice actor so I’ll pop up in some new animated shows, radio ads, and stuff like that later this year. But I really like writing songs, and if I’m able to, I’d like to start live-streaming on YouTube as I have on Reddit singing whatever people type in the comments while improvising piano. It’s fun for audiences because we get to work together making music, usually very silly, and we get to make a personal connection quickly despite being six feet or six thousand miles apart.



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