Warren Skane Is Back With New Music!

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Warren Skane! How was it growing up in Australia? Is there a heavy music scene there in which you were inspired by?

 Growing up in Australia was fantastic!The weather here in Perth is world class with heaps of sun and clear blue skies. Musically my heavy rock influences come from early and current AC/DC songs.Motley Crue and Guns N' Roses feature heavily as well in my inspiration and direction.I love those bands.We need more bands like that coming through now.

Knowing you released your latest albums “2020 vision” and “Intoxicate”, in what ways have your artistry developed and essentially elevated since your first album “Relentless”?

I think i'm more aware of how to develop my sound to be exactly how i want it.For an example the song 'Sleep Paralysis' from my Intoxicate album is very dark and was quite complex to put together.The end result blew my away.I was very happy with the video clip i made for it too!I'm getting lot's of airplay on local radio here in Perth and all over Australia through Amraps Airit Program! Which album would you say was the most challenging to create? “2020 Vision” or “Intoxicate”?I'd have to say 'Intoxicate'.The reason being as it's a more complex, darker album than '2020 Vision'.I had to make sure all guitar, bass, drums and vocals blended together to create the sound i was looking for.2020 Vision was much smoother as it came together quicker and is a more upbeat sounding album which i'm also very proud of!

Let’s talk about your single “Gonna Break Ya”. What inspired you to write this? What’s the main meaning behind the passionate lyricism?

Gonna Break Ya is about trying to deal with life's everyday stresses and challenges.It touches on depression and being pushed to the point where you don't know how to deal with it anymore. When your mind finally says 'That's it, I've had enough'.The main message is that we really don't understand or know how this all came to trouble us in the first place!It's not our fault but we want answers for it.It can be used in a positive way if we all come together and support each others mental health and well being.

What’s next for you Warren Skane?

I'm really trying to get my music into TV/Film,Netflix etc.So if anyone reading this can help me achieve that i'd be very grateful.As for new material i'm always coming up with new loops and samples to keep me busy.I love producing my own work and enjoy the freedom of making the sound i want without someone telling me to change it to suit someone else.


Discover "Gonna Break Ya" here, and keep connected with Warren via his social media!