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Watch Jai Winter As He Explores, 'A Life Without Color'

Soaring in from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the hip-hop artist, rapper, singer-songwriter, and engineer Jai Winter releases a heavily conceptual and personal body of work with his latest 12-track album entitled 'A Life Without Color.' Through influences like Kendrick Lamar and the late great Nipsey Hussle, Jai Winter is able to deliver his unique and lyrically heavy music to anyone in need of relatable content. Molding his sound around the contemporary West Coast hip-hop scene, Jai Winter prides himself on his melodic and conscious rap. Now releasing his profoundly personal and vulnerable album, 'A Life Without Color," Jai Winter tears through the album with themes that question life, religion, friends, and family. "Through each song, I broke myself apart to craft this album. I'm not one to speak on what I go through or ask for help, but if you listen to each lyric, each line—you'd be able to see the world through my eyes," says Winter. Expanding on the album, 'A Life Without Color,' the listening experience opens with the intro track, "QUESTIONS," a one-minute interlude type of piece; Jai Winter opens the album perfectly with his lo-fi-inspired sonics and the many questions he holds about life itself. He later expands on his perspective through the heavy-hitting hip-hop/r&b track, "LET ME TELL YOU." Listeners can fully realize the heart, soul, and pain that Jai Winter placed into this project through his atmospheric third track, "THROUGH THE CITY," as he offers a deeply introspective and passionate performance similar to the stylings of 6LACK.

Track number four, "F U," takes listeners into a jazzy and downtempo atmosphere with help from Jai Winter's soothing sonics and his Kendrick Lamar-type flow. Not to mention the grooviness and soul of the next track, "SELF," Jai Winter takes his time to expand on his inner thoughts and the journey he had to face solo. Landing on the album's halfway point with "WAKE UP," Jai Winter sweeps us off our feet with his soulful sonics and reflective bars surrounding his upbringing and ongoing grind. Continuing the grind with "BIRD TRAP," Jai Winter pays tribute to Travis Scott's 'Birds in The Trap Sing McKnight,' while serenading us with his soothing vocal stylings alongside the downtempo production. We must mention how much we admire the emotion, soul, and honesty that Jai Winter has placed into this record, especially at the next track, "PR i DE," where Winter expands on putting his pride aside only to be let down in the end. As we delve deeper into the project, Jai Winter continues to open up about his internal struggles, especially with "WHY?," where Winter expands on the ongoing pain he's in and why it continues to linger. Getting groovy with the next piece, "CRUISE," listeners can get down with the song's funky instrumentation and upbeat sonics while Winter paints picturesque scenes of cruising through the West Coast.

Through the next track, "ALL MONEY IN," Jai Winter heads towards the album's closure with vast energy and heart. Truly adding a dynamic flair to this record, Jai Winter continues grooving to this upbeat piece while reminding us that he'll be stacking up his paper until he's six feet under. Reaching the album's final track, "MARATHON," Jai Winter closes the record with bars that touch on life's peaks and valleys. As Winter expands on his ongoing internal struggles, he reminds himself to keep climbing higher and continue life's marathon, as it will all be worth it in the end. Allow Jai Winter to remind you to keep pushing forward with his recent 12-track album, 'A Life Without Color,' available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jai Winter, we truly appreciate the honest and dynamic lyrical approach you've taken with your latest album, 'A Life Without Color.' What inspired you to track your highs and lows through a full-length album?

People say holding everything in is unhealthy. Being as though I don't like to talk about what I go through, it felt more natural and easy putting my life into the form of music. Giving every high and low its own sound that I can go back and play to reminisce and remember how far I've come from that point in life.

We could hear a few similarities and nods to various artists throughout your album 'A Life Without Color.' When creating this project, did you have any major artistic influences in mind?

Mainly Kendrick and Nipsey. I learned natural vocal manipulation from Kendrick to give myself access to different pitches I wouldn't normally hit. While also picking up that west coast flow from both Kendrick and Nipsey to experiment with and create other flows to switch between throughout tracks. Between the two artists they were never afraid to go in-depth about their life and dig deep into their past, and that truly pushed me to put forth everything I've been holding in.

Did you self-produce the sonics within 'A Life Without Color?' Would you say that this jazzy, soulful, and lo-fi approach is a usual sound for you?

No, each track was produced by some of the most creative producers I've ever worked with. Pilotkid for example is my go-to producer when I'm looking for something fresh and new. I've worked with Pilot for a while now and he is honestly one of the best producers on the rise right now. As far as my sound I would say the jazzy, soulful approach is definitely for me. I find myself able to flow more naturally.

Is there a track within 'A Life Without Color' that was the most special to you? Did you face any personal challenges when being so vulnerable?

I'd have to say 'Self.' I personally made that track as a reminder to focus on myself over everyone else to make sure I keep myself in check cause at the end of the day all I have is me. Having to relive some of those moments in life really struck a nerve and I contemplated if I even wanted to show that side of me, but I knew voicing it and putting it out would also help others build the courage to let go as well.

What did you want your audience to take away from your introspective and genuine words within 'A Life Without Color?' What thoughts did you want to trigger through this project?

I want the audience to be able to listen and tell their own story from mine. There are many people out there going through similar situations and feel as though they're alone and choose to never speak on it because they feel as though "Why would anyone care if they can't relate?" I want people to know they're not alone and that it's okay to let it out. I personally have held back everything because I felt like no one would care, but I've realized it may not be the people directly around me but there are others across the world that need that voice. There are others out there that need to know someone in this world is fighting the same battle as them so they have the will to keep fighting.

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