Watch Me Face It Makes Powerful Metal Debut With “Insomnia”

Making noise out of Panamá, metal band Watch Me Face It aims to make powerful, aggressive and versatile metal music. Formed in 2015, the group has been performing at different venues and bars for a few years,  but now Watch Me Face It decided to take the next step and record and distribute their music to the world. The six member collective is comprised of Adriana Brito & Jean Michael Cheng on clean and scream vocals, Alfredo Noriega & Javier Ríos on guitars and Cleveland Beckford & Luis Navarro on drums & bass.

“Insomnia” is Watch Me Face It’s debut single and we can't get enough! The hard-hitting and pummeling guitars blast through the speakers and will rock you to the core. The impressive launch into the music industry sets Watch Me Face It apart from other bands in a big way. “Insomnia” is powerful from start to finish, even though every instrument is loud and heavy, the vocals are strong enough to overpower the noise. We love the addition of female vocals from Adriana, it’s the perfect dueling opposite from the brilliant metal chaos. Melodically rich and surprisingly catchy, “Insomnia” is a finely-calibrated debut for the up and coming metal band. Stay on the lookout for Watch Me Face It and their future musical endeavors.

Check out “Insomnia” here and read more below in our exclusive interview. 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Watch Me Face It! How did you all meet? How did Watch Me Face It come to fruition?

The band started a few years ago, we didn't even knew each other, our drummer Cleveland was looking to start a band asking friend if they knew people who could play. He knew our vocalist Jean from school and met Alfredo and Luis (guitar & bass) by friends in common, the met Adriana (vocalist) at work and she met Javier (guitarist) in college.

In the mean time the band have had changes until all the piece got together to what we are today.

What’s your track “Insomnia” about? Can you dive into the meaning of the lyrics?

Insomnia is our very first track out for public and it's about facing your demons, as they are nightmares and fears we have to deal with everyday

At first is like a cry for help, you feel trapped and desperate. Just when you are about to give up you find the strength to be brave and burn your demons but is not as easy so is a fight within yourself.

What is your writing process like as a group?

Our writing process until the moment it's pretty simple, we write everything we have a the moment and wait for new ideas to flow, if it's not there then it is not and we wait until it flows again.

Do you have any upcoming performances you’d like to talk about?

We have several performances in our city including a show we make at our own house celebrating the birthday of half of the band in August the 3rd.

What’s next for Watch Me Face It?

For the future, we are working on more music to release, more song to write, more shows to give and try to get our music to new people. 

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