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Watch Sahana Murali Glimmer and Glisten In, "See the Stars"

Dynamic singer and songwriter, Sahana Murali hails from Mississauga, Canada.

Sahana Murali began her musical journey at the age of four singing Indian Classical music, something her parents encouraged her to do. By the age of seven, she began piano lessons at the Royal Conservatory of Music looking to gain more of an understanding of western music.

One of her teachers there discovered her vocal strengths and encouraged her to join a vocal group called, ‘Glee Club,’ ever since; Sahana Murali has had a love for singing western pop music. Turning heads and making waves with the release of her debut single, “See the Stars,” we get to see this star as she establishes her position in the music industry.

With the reverberated clarity that is produced by her undeniable vocal techniques, Sahana Murali opens up the mindset of her listeners as she serenades them in the charismatic buoyancy of, “See the Stars.” With the intricacy of the instrumentation walking the line of Electro-Pop meets House vitality, the details speak volumes as it creates the ethereal ambiance destined for the brilliant gleam of this single.

Dazzling her audience in mesmerizing timbres in the flowing utopia of encouragement, the poignant performance on display has us losing ourselves in the striking composition as a whole. With the fortified messaging placing emphasis on unity in times of need, Sahana Murali infuses this heartfelt piece with raw emotion and a sense of togetherness. Allowing her audience to stimulate their senses in a larger than life offering of hallucinogenic melodies, the prevalent tones that emit sparkling confidence sends us into high gear as we take in all that is, “See the Stars.”

As one destined for greatness, Sahana Murali puts herself out into the open with her debut release. It is no wonder why she is garnering attention from across the world with only her first single launched. At the pace she is claiming her turf, we can’t wait to see what’s next from the emerging Pop sensation.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sahana Murali, and congratulations on the release of your debut single, “See the Stars.” With your first single finally available to the public, how does it feel to have gone through the full release process? What have you taken away from it?

It feels amazing to have finally released “See the Stars”. It was a totally different and unforgettable experience where I got to learn the process of writing and creating songs. We recorded the song in August 2020, when it was pretty tough with the covid restrictions. It took a lot of planning on how we were going to record the song remotely because originally I was supposed to record the song in LA, but unfortunately, the borders were closed due to covid lockdown. Even though it was remote, with the help of Marc, C-Ray, and my vocal coach, I still had fun and delightful 4-hour professional recording experience. One of the most important takeaways from that experience is that a lot of practice, persistence, and confidence are necessary to record any song even if they’re incredibly talented. Because I believe each release of a song will be a different journey.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process looked like when creating, “See the Stars?”

There are 2 things that I’d like to mention when talking about the creative process, which would be writing the song and shooting the music video. Both were a fantabulous experience where I was carefree and was able to enjoy the journey thoroughly. When writing the song, there were a lot of interactive sessions between Marc and me, where I was able to learn the step-by-step process of writing songs and was able to get the hang of how to share my emotions in a creative way. When shooting the music video, which was entirely foreign to me, it was a 9-hour video shoot that was shot in 3 days for a 3-minute video, where I had to sing the song multiple times in different angles and locations. It was also a bit stressful as I had to sing in the freezing cold weather near the lake with a light jacket on, but in the end, everything turned out perfect with the help of our video director and the team who were really friendly and cooperative.

What musical and non-musical inspirations do you allow to speak into the music that you create?

Since I‘m learning piano, I usually play around with chords to develop creative melodies. I love listening to my favorite musical artists by creating a Spotify playlist with all my favorite tracks, which is always something I rely on when I lack inspiration. Also what I like to do is mixing two different music styles together which complement each other like Indian classical music, which is pretty trending right now. For nonmusical aspects, I enjoy reading books, watching movies, and listening to life stories to discover a theme to build on.

What was it like discovering your defined sound that we can hear on, “See the Stars?”

My producers and I very much wanted to find a sound that could reach the masses. We wrote, “See The Stars” in the midst of the pandemic as it wreaked havoc on the world. Seeing so many being negatively impacted gave us the inspiration and motivation to create something uplifting and inspiring. I am so happy our message is being well received by so many.

What can we expect to see from you throughout the year?

The release of “See the Stars”, my official debut single, was an amazing start to this year. You can expect to see non-stop covers and singles to build content on all my social platforms Doing a lot of live streams to start creating a global fan base for myself and working with my vocal coach to have further development in my voice. I will be releasing an emotional R&B/Pop song called “Remember” which is set to be released on February 12th, 2021, on all platforms so keep an eye and ear out for that. Also in the line of 2021, there are 6 original songs in various production stages.



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