Watch Sonia Elisheva “Thrive” in a Refreshing New Single

Hailing from the United Kingdom, singer-songwriter and versatile recording artist Sonia Elisheva prepares to release her debut EP, 'HUMMINGBIRD,' with a soulful lead single entitled "Thrive."

Well known for her sultry jazz vocals, Sonia Elisheva is about to show the world what she's made of on her forthcoming debut EP, 'HUMMINGBIRD.' The project will release on December 10 and is a tribute to her Russian-Jewish grandmother "Elisheva," who changed her Hebrew name during the war to avoid persecution.

Wanting to reclaim her name, identity, and freedom while telling the story of the chaotic past couple of years, Sonia Elisheva is more than ready to drop the EP and win over some hearts. Highlighting the lead single, "Thrive," the song is an organic and jazzy piece that nestles in your heart and soul with the utmost passion and optimism. Without further ado, let's jump into the new single.

Listening to "Thrive," we're greeted with a soulful and soothing piano melody that sets the song's lush and organic tone. As Sonia Elisheva makes her breathy and hazy vocal appearance, she begins to pour her sultry vocals over our speakers, lending a treat for the ears. As Elisheva continues to sing a confident message, she invites us to watch her thrive and soar amongst the clouds.

We can't get enough of Sonia Elisheva's confidence and charisma in this single; she perfectly portrays the emotions one feels when overcoming life's trials and tribulations. There's something about Sonia Elisheva's vocals that are equally as modern as they are timeless, and they lead us to the song's end with nothing but hope and passion.

Get ready for Sonia Elisheva's debut EP, 'HUMMINGBIRD,' on December 10. Until then, find the lead single "Thrive" on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sonia Elisheva. You've truly stopped us dead in our tracks with your lush and heaven-sent single, "Thrive." What inspired you to create such a confident and optimistic piece?

Thank you! “Thrive” is partly inspired by the book “ways of seeing” by John Berger. It’s a reflection of how we as women are taught to view ourselves, and that’s often through the eyes of someone else. That can lead to a lot of self-doubt and insecurity because you’re catering to someone else’s ideal of what you should look like or how you should behave. The song is me saying: I want to learn to be confident on my own and judge myself through my own lens. When I reach the stage where I don’t care who's looking at me anymore, that’s when I will know - I’m thriving.

Did you work with any producers or musicians to help form the instrumentals and sonics for "Thrive?" What was that process like?

Yes, I worked with two amazing producers on this track: Jack Weston and Archie Norris. They have a songwriting company and they got in touch with me on Instagram to see if I wanted to do a track. I gave them a few ideas and they came up with some instrumentals off the back of that. I made the vocal melodies and then we worked together to create the final sound.

The process was super therapeutic for me, I actually used my singing teacher's classroom to record in, as it was the only quiet space I could find at the time! That made it special as well because that’s a space where I feel very listened to.

How did you want to make the listener feel when experiencing the softness and sensuality of your recent single, "Thrive?"

I think I just wanted to make people feel confident, especially girls. Our society profits off making us doubt ourselves. It’s really hard these days with social media especially. It can be easy to get caught up in that world but it’s also good to take a step out, stop comparing yourself to others and be like, wait I’m actually doing my own thing, I'm successful in my own way and there's nothing wrong with owning that confidence.

How does "Thrive" fit into the concept and theme of your forthcoming debut EP, 'HUMMINGBIRD?'

“Thrive” is the fifth and final track on my HUMMINGBIRD EP because for me it’s the last step in the journey. It’s all about growth, moving on, and making art out of the bad times. It’s stripped back and simple - and that’s the whole concept of the EP. There isn’t a lot of fancy production or highly edited vocals on any of the songs on there because it needed to feel natural, authentic, and completely real. People may or may not embrace that but I do feel it’s a truly honest record of my experiences over the last year and a half.

What's next for you?

Next for me is getting to do some more live shows I hope! I love recording but I’m all about the performance. I’ve also finished a couple of tracks for release that is sounding very different from Hummingbird, so I think people will be surprised with the direction I'm going to take my music in next.