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Watch The Delaware Worship Collective “Takeover”

Starting in March 2021, Drew Scott and Adrian Carmona started the Delaware Worship Collective. With over 500 attendees at their first three shows, what began as a small group of local creatives coming together for a writing session quickly evolved overnight into the Delaware Worship Collective, or DWC as they like to say.

Their desire and vision God has placed on Drew and Adrian for DWC are of collectivity, community, collaboration, unity, inspiration, and heart. DWC’s mission is to show the world the kingdom of God by uniting people through worship.

The DNA of this collective is to love people where they are, embrace the diversity and inclusivity of creativity within the bounds of our biblical foundation and beliefs, nurture and inspire growth in creatives, and work hard without striving.

There’s a dazzling warmth from the acoustic guitar strums commencing the single “Takeover.” With a unique live-off-the-floor touch, an immense amount of passion fuels the unity heard on this record.

We find the outcome of a live recording brings such an organic amalgamation of talent from artists in their natural environment that we never turn down the opportunity to bask in the ambiance. In the artistic components featuring Adrian Carmona and Rashid Saint-Fleur, the upbeat energy surging through our speakers illuminates optimism and buoyancy. We’re exposed to a vast amount of this on “Takeover,” as it plays into the strong will and characteristic charm of all from DWC.

Inspiring us to be more aware of our faith and allowing us to feel the notion of opening up that much more, DWC welcomes us into the hope they radiate with lyrical motifs like “With just one touch, you ravish me. You look into my heart, transfigurate my life.”

What DWC does to spread the message of the Lord is truly influential. Hooked on the community aspect of what they stand for, record-producing sweet croons such as “Takeover” have won us over.

There are many artistic components to dissect with a track of this caliber. Let’s start with how the relationship between yourselves and Adrian Carmona and Rashid Sain-Fleur came to be. What was it like working with them on this song?

DWC is a collective of many creatives including songwriters, worship leaders, musicians, Photographers, and so many others, Fortunately, Adrian and Rashid are both a part of our team, as we started to workshop this song we knew right away that the contrast in Adrian and Rashid's vocal tone would perfectly complement each other on this song.

There is plenty of creativity to go around in DWC. Could you please dive into what the creative process looked like when bringing this song to life?

DWC's creative process is centered around truth and integrity. We workshop songs line by line to ensure that we are being true to the message, the Word of God, that inspires our songs. This was an easy one because, as it turns out, Adrain has been singing this song for years whenever he has gone out to sing. When Adrian presented this as an option for our album we all loved the message behind the song but thought hey what would happen if we flipped it by making it upbeat instead of the mid-tempo version Adrain has done in the past, better yet what would it sound like with both Adrain and Rashid featured? Thank God the team's input was taken seriously and ended up yielding this version of "Takeover" that people are learning and loving.

What is the main message that you’d like your audience to take away from “Takeover?"

The song "Takeover" has become an anthem for our team and an anthem wherever we sing it. We want the listener to know that with "one touch" or one moment with God, His love can change everything. His love can and will provide true Joy. Letting His love "Takeover" is like nothing else in the world.

What can your audience expect from your album “DWC Vol. 1 Nothing But Jesus?"

DWC Vol 1, Nothing But Jesus is the debut album from our team and it is really a glimpse into the heart of our community and the sound of our team. This album gives you almost everything you need from a Christian/gospel project. We have songs like "Takeover" that are anthemic in nature or "As For Me," which is an anthem about faith and God, our champion. Songs like "Here", "In The Morning", "Pinnacle", or "I Will Sing/ Moment" pull on your heart and remind you that God's love will surround you and be an anchor through and strom. As well as the title track "Nothing But Jesus", is just a fun song with a pop vibe that is refreshing while still paying homage to a traditional church song that has been passed down from generation to generation.

What's next for you?

Currently, DWC is in the process of writing songs for our next album. We are very excited about the next Vol from DWC, sharing some new music as well as some rearranged versions of some of the songs that people are already loving and singing. We are also in the process of dropping video content for each song from Vol 1 and content from our live shows. We are also planning our next Co Night of Worship Night in which we will share new original music written by our team.

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