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Watch the Flame Burn Slow in Aimee Saturne's Ominous New Release

From the lustful nights of the city of angels comes cosmic dark pop princess Aimee Saturne, a Los Angeles-based recording artist, actress, and writer.

Music is no stranger to Aimee Saturne, as she began her musical journey conceptualizing, producing, and writing songs on her own from a very young age. With tantalizing lyrics and melodies that wrap around your mind and spin you through the galaxy, the sultry sound of this vocalist’s story will leave you craving more.

Swooning over the enigmatic essence of her latest single “Slow Burn,” we hear the darkness come to light in a way that flatters everything Aimee Saturne stands for as an artist and individual.

Through a cavernous vessel of musicality, we get hailed into this track with a brooding sense of anticipation that compliments the ominous soundscape before us. Aimee Saturne’s alluring timbres resonate with shadowy hues in the full construct of “Slow Burn.” Playing into the song’s seemingly fit the title, the provocative tenors that cover this record in gasoline are quick to ignite the flame within Aimee Saturne’s very being, as she performs with poise and a fully loaded mind that’s equipped to let her thoughts do the talking for her.

“Slow Burn,” captures the dark-pop themes buried into the composition and elevates them into a new-fangled dimension of soaring liberation. You hear Aimee Saturne explore this in ways that leave us feeling comforted by her quintessence, and everything she depicts within her lyrical motifs as her smooth as butter timbres reach out and pull us deep into this sonic masterpiece.

Knowing what it takes to have us submerged in her craft, the artistry of Aimee Saturne continues to peak with each creation she thoughtfully curates.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Aimme Saturne. We love your latest single “Slow Burn,” and how it fits into an illuminated version of your dark-pop essence! Could you please share a glimpse into the inspiration behind the lyrics? Thank you! Slow Burn actually began as an instrumental first, and the song was already hot just from its foundation. We wanted to write something befitting of that and really make it ooze the sensuality it had the potential for. Creative writing is another passion of mine, and in that, there is a term within the romance genre called “slow burn.” I wanted to personify the term lyrically, but of course, every song I write has another, more personal story behind it— and by now we all know I’m in love with lust and infatuation. In your own words, what does “Slow Burn” mean to you as the creator behind this masterpiece? What do you hope your listeners can take away from it? "Slow Burn" is certainly more on the fun side than anything else! We created it and pieced it together and fell in love with the song automatically. It’s quintessential of myself and my art, steamy and yet still poetic in nature and full of double entendres. If anyone takes anything away from it, I hope it’s that when it comes to sensuality, you don’t have to be afraid to give in to impulse and indulge a little— whatever that may mean to any specific person.

Who influences your music from a sonic standpoint? Do you find that these artists or individuals play into the sound you’ve created for yourself? In general, there are plenty of artists who’ve influenced my music, from Amy Winehouse to Grimes, but when I’m in the studio, seldom do I look to other artists specifically for inspiration. A lot of the time, my producer will send me a dope instrumental starter that I love and we build on, or I’ll explain what I’d like to hear and we go from there. My sound, no matter how it was cultivated, is just embedded into my tastes and myself. It’s an authentic creative process that I’m grateful to be able to have! What has been the proudest moment in your career thus far? How does “Slow Burn” add to the successes that you’ve seen as an artist? My proudest moment, or moments really, so far have just been releasing the music I’ve created into the world. It’s exciting when you finish a track, but being able to share this piece of your soul that you’ve nurtured and grown over a period of time is like nothing else. For me, it’s been a little breadcrumb trail to something larger, and I’m so proud every time I get to leave my mark and extend my art into the universe for others to enjoy as well. Slow Burn is such a favorite of all of my songs that seeing the love for it and the way it’s been received helps keep me creating and pushing forward. I don’t bend to what I believe people want to hear, I create what I like, and Slow Burn was no different. I believe the ability to do that is success in and of itself.

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