Watch Young John Q "Make a Killin," With His Latest Single

Coming in hot from the Toronto/Mississauga area, songwriter, rapper, and hip-hop recording artist Young John Q grabs our attention with a new single entitled "Make a Killin'."

Young John Q took 2021 by storm with his latest mixtape, "Don't Come for the Don Don," back in July, followed by a cinematic music video for "Hustlers Ambition" alongside Filcan Rap Award winners Resflo and Southeast Cartel. With his steady momentum in 2021, we can only expect greatness from Young John Q come next year.

Now releasing his fiery and exciting single, "Make a Killin'," Young John Q brings the heat with his confident bars while the rhythmic and melodic beat sonically serenades our speakers. Young John Q's performance on this track is top tier, especially as he portrays his dedication and resilience towards his blossoming career.

Expanding on the new single, "Make a Killin'," the track kicks off with a plucky and melodic sample that quickly transitions into a heavy hip-hop beat alongside Young John Q's charismatic vocal appearance. As he begins to soak our speakers in the utmost confidence while striving to make a killer impact on the music industry, Young John Q leaves us bopping our heads to each heated and conceptual bar.

We love the authority and poise Young John Q carries in this track; he makes it difficult to ignore such an exciting, attention-grabbing, and heavy-hitting atmosphere. While flowing his way to the outro, Young John Q closes the track on a note of resilience that truly leaves us inspired to conquer the day.

Feast your ears on Young John Q's latest powerful single, "Make a Killin'," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Young John Q. We love the energy and confidence of your latest single, "Make a Killin'." Was there a particular moment or experience that inspired you to create this powerful track?

Shoutout to BuzzMusic, I appreciate you guys. We are creeping into the new year, I'm just gonna drop hit after hit. Hence the title "make a killin", and also on the flip side. Everything we do to reach our goals and receive the fruits of our labor, we gonna "make a killin". 2022 we go bigger, so I wanted to make that stamp with this record.

Who created the blazing production for "Make a Killin'"? What sort of atmosphere or vibe did you want the production to offer?

Shoutout to Shots by Runna, he made the production as well as shot the video for this record. We just go off vibes, we don't make calculated decisions yuh get mi. Records come out successful when it just vibes and the production just talks to you

What did you want the audience to take away from your heated bars in "Make a Killin'"? Did you want to leave them inspired to do the same?

I just wanted to show the audience to go hard in whatever they have a passion for. Also when you mastered your craft, your goals whatever that may be. Run it up, "make a killin"

How do songs like "Make a Killin'" help us get to know you and your style better? Do you usually release such high-energy and dominant tracks like this?

Like I mentioned earlier, all vibes lead the direction of the track. When you hear the production and vibe out to it, I feel the beat is just talking to you broski. Then before you know it, your lyrics are coming into play and you're talking back to the beat. I have different tracks that have a different energy to them, you will notice that on my latest mixtape "Don't come for the Don Don" on all streaming platforms.

What's next for you?

2022 is gonna be bigger and better than last year. Dominate a wider audience, heat up the streets to a point where the takeover is undeniable. I have a couple of things in the works, can't really speak on right now. But everyone will be surprised, so follow the Don!!!, let's get it!