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Watching You Unravel Is Tearing Hillsboro Apart On Their Emotional New Single “Leaving”

The BC outfit shows how tough it is to watch someone you care about struggle.

Hillsboro is an exciting new act coming out of Victoria and Vancouver that has quickly captivated audiences with relatable and thought-provoking music at its core. Consisting of a band of friends that have known each other since childhood, their music has a keen emphasis on creating music that reflects the human experience. Founded in 2019 as Nima Walker's project, Hillsboro soon evolved into a collective musical journey after he convinced his friends to join him on this grand artistic adventure. Having already put itself on the map with enticing releases like "Release Plan," Hillsboro has positioned itself to become a major creative force in the industry for a long time, especially with its debut EP set to drop in September.

With Dexter Hodgins on fiddle and drums, Oliver Hollingshead on drums, Tucker Hoey on bass, and Samuel Wells on guitar, it sometimes feels like all the pieces came perfectly together for Hillsboro. The heightened level of chemistry among the bandmates is evident, resulting in a seamless fusion in their sound that elevates the listening experience for fans. Hillsboro's music, usually characterized by gritty textures, immersive (and sometimes distorted) melodies, and compelling storylines, can be described as a striking musical journey; it may leave you feeling sad or happy, but as all good trips do, it leaves a striking impression that evokes emotion.

On Hillsboro's latest release, "Leaving," an emotional and gripping vocal performance meets a nostalgic yet haunting and powerful melody. Again, the band's impressive chemistry is on full display, as Walker's misty-eyed and slightly melancholic vocals meld seamlessly with droning guitars and driving bass. The song's feel is nostalgic yet sad, with Hillsboro stating that the single "Delves into themes of heartache and the pain of watching loved ones unravel. Accompanied by a visually gripping music video that pays homage to the cult classic "Drugstore Cowboy," "Leaving" is an all-around great release that's sure to have something for everyone to enjoy.

As Hillsboro enters the final stretch before their debut LP drops, their musical efforts have been outstanding as they've gone from strength to strength. Whenever you're ready, tap in and stream Hillsboro's newest release, "Leaving," out on August 11th.


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