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Waterfront Drops a Heartfelt Single, "I Don't Want to Do This Anymore"

The Alberta-hailing 5-piece punk-rock band Waterfront releases an incredibly emotional and highly relatable single entitled "I Don't Want to Do This Anymore."

The Canadian group fled Alberta and traveled out west to Vancouver for a full-fledged transformation with help from their collaboration with The Renaissance Music. Comprised of Dan Sequeira on vocals, Ryan Ross and Devin Taylor on guitars, Tanner Cyr on bass, and Graham Jantz on drums, Waterfront is more than excited to bring their honest lyricism and high-energy performances back to their community.

Gearing our focus towards their recent emotional single, "I Don't Want to Do This Anymore," Waterfront offers an incredibly relatable lyrical theme, which can be sung along with through their recent dreamy black and white lyric video.

Hitting play on the single, "I Don't Want to Do This Anymore," the song gently opens with Ryan Ross and Devin Taylor's softly layered guitars that set the soothing and haunting tone of this emotional piece. As vocalist Dan Sequeira makes his delicate vocal appearance, he begins letting listeners into the fragile state of a tumultuous relationship's unfortunate ending. As we reach the hook, Tanner Cyr's tender bassline and Graham Jantz's down-tempo drum breaks enter the song and bring us into an emotional state of being.

Regarding the song's incredibly melodic hook, we can't help but hear vast similarities to the melody within Miley Cyrus' 2010 hit, "When I Look At You." Around the bridge, Waterfront offers a deeply cinematic listening experience through their punchy instrumentation that emphasizes the delicate emotions of said situation. Ending the track with vast heart and emotion, we're more than pleased with the song's entire listening experience.

Don't miss out on the relatable listening experience of Waterfront's latest single, "I Don't Want to Do This Anymore," available on all digital streaming platforms.

Hello Waterfront and welcome to BuzzMusic. We're truly enamored by the heart and emotion you've placed into your single, "I Don't Want to Do This Anymore." What inspired the saddening lyrical theme within this piece?

Our song I Don’t Want to Do This Is Anymore is about choosing to get back up even when you fall. That’s never an easy thing to do. On the other hand, it’s easy to quit and say, “I don’t want to do this anymore”. Things like family turmoil, toxic relationships, and just life overall can be challenging enough, and we can all get stuck from time to time for many complex reasons. We hope that by highlighting that this is a natural experience, many people can connect with our song’s message. We want to inspire others to always keep going no matter what.

Could you break down how your group divided the song's instrumental arrangements and creative process for "I Don't Want to Do This Anymore?"

The song itself was written on acoustic guitar. Every other instrument followed its lead. The orchestral side of this ballad took shape in the hands of our great producers Garrett Ward and Dan Botch of The Renaissance music in Vancouver, Canada. Getting to the finish line was a joy once we locked in the direction for this song!

Who wrote the delicate lyricism for "I Don't Want to Do This Anymore?" Was it challenging to open up and let your audience into such personal emotions?

Our frontman, Dan Sequeira, was the lead writer and lyricist for I Don’t Want to Do This Anymore. We fell in love with the idea of pursuing an intimate ballad such as this one for our coming project. We had no idea that the outcome would be as impactful as it became for our group and we’re proud to finally share it.

Who created and edited your atmospheric black and white lyric video for "I Don't Want to Do This Anymore?" How do the landscape shots within the lyric video emphasize the song's lyrical theme?

Our lyric video for this song was conceptualized by Graham Jantz and Tanner Cyr of our group and completely edited by Graham, much like all our recent release content. Our choice of city and urban landscape imagery is because of an over-arching goal we have with our forthcoming EP, New Heights. We wanted to have every song in this project reflect a desire for evolution and growth. Such as buildings being built into the sky reflecting the heights we would like to aim for as a group. With the song New Heights, you’re looking up at these heights but with I Don’t Want to Do This Anymore rather, we’re pulling away from the ground, retreating from adversity.

What's next for you?

Our full EP release is next. New Heights the EP will be releasing towards the very end of Summer. We have one more song to release from this project with that release. We’re pursuing chances to get back out and playing shows. We used the pandemic as an opportunity to develop the group and music we have now. We’re extremely eager to share that with our friends, family, and audience. Beyond that, we’re preparing for the next year of Waterfront which we’ll soon be sharing much more information on. We’ll enjoy the time between now and then and look forward to a brighter year ahead for everyone!

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