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Waterfront Plans to take 2021 to, 'New Heights'

Based in Southern Alberta, Canada, the high-energy rock band Waterfront announces the release of their debut EP, 'New Heights,' later this year.

Comprised of Dan Sequeira, Ryan Ross, Devin Taylor, and Tanner Cyr, Waterfront has made waves with their recent releases, which continue to garner significant traction. Recently announcing the release of their 4-track EP, 'New Heights,' Waterfront previously released three out of the four songs on the project while gearing up to drop the final track.

Alongside the EP's final single, "Wedding at my Funeral," Waterfront is also releasing a powerful and stimulating music video to make the experience all the more authentic and electrifying. As the EP's previous singles have led to an overall sensation of excitement and anticipation leading up to the entire project, Waterfront has been busy crafting the final touches and refining the project to ensure its impact.

Stay tuned with Waterfront via their socials for further hints and announcements regarding their forthcoming EP, 'New Heights,' slated to release later this year. Pre-save here.


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