Waves Releases Debut Single “Thrill Of It”

Hailing from Scarborough, Canada, Waves is a talented MS and recording artist making his launch into the music scene. His explosive launch titled “Thrill Of It”, is a powerful song, the soundscape is brilliant and there’s a certain originality to the dissonant nature of the riff. The crisp quality of the production means that the whole thing creates immersive chaos when you listen loud and that’s without the use of a heavy beat. It’s interesting to listen to this, there’s a weight and power to the whole thing, but it’s not like something we’re used to.

Waves’ vocals drive with such intention, alongside of this quickly compelling and fairly addictive ambiance. Waves always keeps things real, it’s a quality you can rely upon him for. This track lays that quality bare amidst a surprisingly haunting and impossible to ignore beat. Definitely worth a listen or two! 

Check out “Thrill Of It” here and read more with Waves in his exclusive chat with BuzzMusic team below! 

Hey Waves! How did you get started making music? Can you tell us a little about the Canadian music scene?

I've been recording music for over 10 years now. I've always had a passion for music in every sense of the word. Got in trouble for messing with Pops' turntable more times than I can remember. My brother was a radio host and dj and my aunt and uncle were recording artist so I was always around it. I was introduced to my engineer in 09' and it's been a grind ever since.  The music scene is crazy in Toronto. It has been for a long time before Drake and he was the first to take it to that next level. Beyond him I grew up on Choclair, Kardinal Offishall, Baby Blue Soundcrew tapes, Dream Warriors and more. Right now the game is so saturated with guys coming out now that have been on the scene for years. That being said it's a full time grind to make a relevant sound while staying true to who you are and standing out. Toronto don't play when it comes to the whole "we the north" phrase. We're hungry and have been on the back burner for so long that you almost have to take it personal when you're writing, recording, or just spitting. There's so much talent here in all walks of music and we have a lot of new and emerging artists consistently giving their all. 

Tell us what you want your listeners to take away from “Thrill Of It".

Thrill of it is that catchy song with hard flows and meaning in a typical Waves fashion. Coming out with my upcoming project, Vices and Virtues, it really exemplifies the idea of just that. I want listeners to relate. We all have vices that we grip onto for the rush or the thrill, so I want it to be as relatable as possible to ANYONE struggling or anyone who's struggled with coping. We're all guilty so it sheds light on that topic. I want listeners engaged from the first line and to want to hear how the story progresses and end it on a positive vibe. 

Do you think having diverse influences adds a unique flare to your sound? How so?

As mentioned before I've been around music of all sorts my whole life. I'd wake up to Beres Hammond and go to sleep listening to Pac. I'd have mixes with DMX and Marvin Gaye. Latin music, Ska music, R&B, you name it and I had it influence me growing which leaves me with a very particular ear. I feel like music lacks a lot of dimensions these days and I always try to implement all flavors when I'm cooking. As of late I've been in a creative space where I can really drive that point home and sprinkle some of this and that here and there. That freedom and arsenal of references has left the sky as the limit for me recently (check out my R&B track "Around" on my soundcloud) 

When you’re not making beats, what do you do?

When it's not music I'm kicking it with a close knit circle, the family. I also moonlight as the CEO of NEWIS (Nothing's Ever What It Seems), a thought provoking brand bringing light to the effect of societal norms. I'm always trying to get involved in my community through philanthropy. Music. When I'm not making it I'm studying it. Searching for new songs from oldies and trying to find some hidden gems in the new. 

What inspired you to keep making music everyday?

I have a new take on music having lost 2 of my closest peers in one year. A lot of people don't know but I took a hiatus from the booth for years to work on myself to ensure that I'd have more to talk about when I came back. There's so many people that can't go a day without new music and actually need music to survive. I feel like my ancestors would turn in their graves if I wasn't making good use of my talents so I stay at it. Music brought me through my lowest of lows so I know how powerful it can be to the listener. I made a pact with my 2 homies that passed, R. I. E. P., to make use of my talent and I vow to never turn my back on it. 


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