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Wavii Brings Us "Gold"

Wavii is the co-founder of The Fly Go Gettaz, which is a multi-talented collective involving singers and rappers from New York City. Wavii intends to bring a new perspective to his listeners.

Wavii’s track titled “Gold” has a music video which was shot by CHDProduction. The

video is in a classroom setting of people in detention. Setting up the story line with a short

introduction scene, the song then jumps into a heavy beat and solid verse. High school is

something that everyone had to go through and can relate to so, seeing this video brings back a

kind of nostalgia of teenage rebellion. The scenes transition from the classroom to cafeteria and

driving in a car. Wavii has a fun vibe in this song and brings fresh sounds to the music scene.

Wavii certainly has a charm to him which makes his tracks more appealing and an instant bob.

The story line of the video is fun and sweet as we see that by the end he ends up talking to girl,

but with a twist since we see that he was actually asleep the whole time dreaming up the whole

scene. Wavii brings feel good music, with stunning visuals and a spot on your playlists!



Connect with Wavii on Instagram.


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