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Wayf Boasts Undeniable Flow In “Jokers Laugh”

Residing in the metro area of Nashville, up and coming hip-hop artist Wayf has known his passion for music from a young age. Wayf has developed his craft amongst the Nashville music scene. Hi signature sound can be compared to powerhouses like Drake. Wayf is all about connecting with his fans and his dedication to them for their unconditional support. Wayf is an eclectic artist set out to take the industry by storm.

Wayf’s newest single “Jokers Laugh” is a dope track and has created an online buzz with many listens throughout major streaming platforms. Unlike most mainstream rapper, Wayf keeps his rhymes pure and about reality. You won’t hear repetitive bars about drinking and drugs, Wayf tells a story of his success and real life. He’s a young up and comer trying to influence the rap/hip-hop culture in a new way, by bringing purity back to his listeners. “Jokers Laugh” exudes the confidence from Wayf that fans need to hear and see in a new influence. His flawless bars boast his incomparable flow.  Wayf brags about his success with woman with a classy and smooth delivery. “Jokers Laugh” is the perfect song to vibe to in any situation, it demands to be heard. Wayf is bringing real hip-hop back into the music industry and we are here for it. Stay on the lookout for Wayf!

Check out “Jokers Laugh” here and read more with Wayf below in our exclusive interview.

Hi Wayf! Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers? How did you get started in music?

Well My Names Wayf AKA VilleBaby and I’m from the Music City of Nashville, TN. And I love Motorcycles and Hot Wings

What do you do to feed your passion for writing rhymes everyday?

When I drive around my city and see the stereotypes put upon us as only “Country”, when we are more than that, the people of my community; the youth of my community are very Overlooked and put in the shadows of Nashville so the City can uphold that BS image. I’m trying to break that barrier. Show the world that we are here, Hip Hop DOES live here, and get out of this Country Music Shadow. Provide my people with opportunities and recognition.

Who are you biggest musical influences? How do they help you achieve your sound?

Drake, Jay-Z and Kevin Gates. All for different unique reasons. JAY-Z is for my mental, my focus and understanding of life. KEVIN GATES is for my mental and Musically, how I treat others, how I treat my surroundings, recognize flaws and problems with they approach me. how I attack a beat and live for myself. DRAKE is for motivation and musically, he shows me how to continue to break the barriers, push the limits, create a culture bigger than the status quo, and to be myself on Records. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope and be free when you make the music.

Your track “Jokers Laugh” is a banger! What do you want the listener to take from this track?

That I’m entering the industry with a vengeance, and laughing while doing it.

If you could perform at any venue in the world, where would you choose?

Not to be Cliche, but Bridgestone Arena. I want to sell out my home town. Because more than selling out any other cities, when you sell our HOME, it means all the more to an artist. 


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