We All Need a “Staycation” and Sweet N' Juicy Knows How to Convince Us!

Sweet n Juicy released their single titled “Staycation” and this song was everything and more. “Staycation” is the perfect party song. I mean, if you watch the video released alongside the audio, you will see how everyone is simply not giving a care in the world and it's all fun. They’re letting loose, having fun, and simply enjoying the vibes that’s around. From this visual alongside the lyrics to “Staycation,” I was able to interpret that this song was pretty much about enjoying the moment, living for the present, and allowing yourself to have fun. You escape your stressful realities and enter this vacation, or can we say “Staycation” that’s electrifying and exhilarating.

The wittiness in each catchphrase of the song showcased Sweet N Juicy's ability to be humorous. You see their personality shine through not only the music itself but the video. Connecting with this band’s addicting personality helps you enjoy the song 20x more. It’s like Sweet N’ Juicy knows exactly how to reel you into “Staycation” to where you don’t want to leave! Everything about this song was superb. From the enjoyable music video to the galvanizing instrumentation and the idiosyncratic vocal delivery, Sweet N’ Juicy excites the listener and transforms you into a satisfied fan, longing for your next staycation!

You can listen to “Staycation” from Sweet N’ Juicy here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Sweet N’ Juicy! Sweet (the Banana): Thanks for having us on!

How did you guys form? What’s the story behind the band’s name? Sweet: Well, let’s see. I went on a walk one day and found Juicy hanging by his lonesome just kind of playing the piano.

Juicy (the Strawberry): It’s true!

Sweet: After that, we started playing together in Portland Oregon at this crazy theater. Weird stuff kept happening there. Spooky, cool, humankind of stuff- and that’s where we met N’.

N’ (Nefertitipharoahsandramundusifilopilis the Pineapple): Yeah, that was place WAS super weird.

Sweet: And as for the name of our band-

Sweet N’ Juicy: It’s our names!

Talk to us about the video for “Staycation”. What inspired you to write the song? Juicy: It’s from a real-life experience. Sweet used to date a girl name Murielle. They would have sex for days at a time- stopping only to drink water, eat some fruit, and if they had to- go use the bathroom. If that happened they’d be bummed out because they had to stop. We don’t talk about that in the song though.

What was the theme you were aiming for in “Staycation”? N’: Just partying and staying in hanging out, having lots of wild sex, and eating a fruit occasionally. Nothing really complicated about it. I guess the theme is straight-up partying..? Probably that. I don’t know, pineapples kind of ditch the language ditch.

Let’s talk about the cool video you released to this! How was the filming process like for “Staycation”? N’: The filming for that video was kind of wild. Sweet stayed up the night before rolling 2 ounces worth of joints and during the filming, we set off the smoke alarm a whole bunch.

Sweet: Haha, yeah- that was a crazy number of joints. That was 4 hours of my delicious life. People liked them, though! I got a lot of compliments.

Juicy: The crazy thing is that we like, didn’t plan ahead for that at all. I guess I cleaned my room a little bit, but that was it. We didn’t hit people up too far ahead, and I think most of the people there were called day-of. And it was on a Monday. So we found around 20 people who don’t work mostly to come to get wasted at three in the afternoon on a Monday. I love Oregon.

Sweet: We bought fruit and a bunch of booze, but other than that and the joints people just showed up in costume. Astronaut, Panda, Dominatrix, -that’s just what they wore because they knew what it was about.

What’s next for you Sweet N’ Juicy?

N’: Well! We have a West Coast tour in February, which we’ll be doing three times a year from now on, and a bunch of new songs in the works. A lot of touring- November we’re going back in the studio… Oh! And starting February we’ll also be releasing weekly skits on our youtube channel. It’s gonna be about a bunch of random stuff, so go check it out! It could be neat.

Sweet N’ Juicy: Thank you BuzzMusic for having us on!!!! Buzz, buzz, baby!

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