We are Deeply Touched by Michelle Vezilj’s Heartbreaking New Song, “Sad Girls Don’t Cry”

Canadian singer-songwriter Michelle Vezilj is an award-winning artist preparing to release a brand-new single. Still early in her career, Michelle has already performed a sold-out Troubadour in West Hollywood and opened for artist Frank Turner.

Michelle Vezilj’s new single and music video for “Sad Girls Don’t Cry” encompasses the wild emotions of learning to find love within yourself rather than through a relationship. Michelle’s lyrics come from a place of raw honesty and pain, allowing you to focus on the complexities while enjoying the gentle melody.

The song starts slow, with an acoustic feel as Michelle’s soft voice brings in her story of depression, turning to alcohol, and finding her way back out. Sporting incredible tone and control, she flows through the melody with ease and paints a story that leaves you breathless.

Michelle sings “Told daddy life is hard, showed him my battle scars, he said I’m living the dream, at least I’m not on the street”, a striking picture of the emotions she was working through at the time. “Sad Girls Don’t Cry” is fervent and beautifully sorrowful, a song meant to process intense feelings.

If you loved “Sad Girls Don’t Cry”, stay tuned for Michelle Vezilj’s newest projects in the works.