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We Are Overthinking About Maro DēLo’s Newest Release, “Think Too Much”

There’s nothing better than connecting to your reality and yourself through music. Maro DēLo is not playing around when going deep and talking about what matters.

In his newest release, “Think Too Much,” the Manhattan-born and Philly-raised artist makes us relate with the lyrics, Maro, and our lives. It is so satisfying to listen to this song because it helps you understand yourself better. It helps you figure out your situations and life downsides, and why not help you cut yourself some slack? Music is truly the best partner in life.

As an artist, Maro is known for precisely the above: the relatability, honesty, and empathy that he always infuses in his music and lyrics. Maro is a versatile singer and songwriter and has pursued many other paths, like acting and modeling. For us, however, he is the best at stripping down the external mask we put on with society and helping unveil the true feelings, traumas, thoughts, and everything else we carry at our core.

His ability to be human and express real and current matters through music is incredible.“Think Too Much” describes the situation of many people who go through the same issues daily: your mind playing against you, being your worst enemy, or overthinking everything.

In a world that is so fast-paced and so performance-oriented, we often forget that we are still human; we are so hard on ourselves, but amid that darkness, Maro and his song give us light and hope that someday, just someday, we will get out of our way and allow ourselves to feel, ache, love, be happy and all of the other incredible things that imply being alive.

The time is now. Go check out Maro DēLo’s new release, “Think Too Much,” and other of his hits on all streaming platforms, but don’t overthink it; just do it.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Maro, and congratulations on your latest release, "Think Too Much." From all the different paths you've pursued over your life, which one has formed you the most to be the artist you are now?

Of the paths I considered- medicine, engineering, and education at different points throughout my high school years- I chose the path of entertainer. With six years in music, acting, and modeling- each stand-alone course- fuses into a three-lane highway to bring forth my artistry in a way that is true to me and elevates my game overall as an artist. Each discipline cross-pollinates, especially when you're in the moment of the performance. Maintaining a camera-ready state of mind helps in knowing how I'll always be perceived in both the visual and auditory mediums. My heavy push on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts pushes my self-awareness and ability to always be "on," thus keeping me in check and allowing me to flip the switch without skipping a beat.

Your music is known for the reliability your audience feels towards the lyrics. Can you tell us a fun fact about your creative process when writing?

I love this question! I've found the most efficient way to write honest material is having each songwriting session start with the complete unraveling of all of the "tea." Every absolute truth, regardless of how good, bad, or ugly you're feeling at the moment, should freely flow out and into the aura of the studio. It requires an immense degree of trust in your songwriting partners. The therapy session begins once it's all out there and the notes are taken down by the other co-writers in the room (in this case, PJ Bianco, Gigi Rowe, and me). The one in the room supplying the story, in this case, the artist, shouldn't be therapizing themselves. In pop music, the most quintessential part of your song is your hook/chorus. Once you nail down the story you're dying to express to the world, you can begin to explain yourself within your verses and bridge as you decide if the record needs more context. At the same time, it's integral not to force anything into the song that doesn't need to be there, even down to the last syllable or instrumental part. I only include aspects that boost the beating heart of the song.

What inspired you to create "Think Too Much?" Was it a personal experience? Tell us a bit more.

"Think Too Much" is a uniquely written tune for several reasons. It's an introspective look at the relationship one has with oneself regarding how much energy one puts into anything- no matter how big or menial. Because of that, there's no one-story arc to the song. The inspiration comes from taking a cold, hard look in the mirror after something doesn't, or so I think won't, go my way and letting myself know that I'm likely overthinking into something that just isn't that deep and shouldn't require excessive brain power. Each waking moment of my existence, I want things to go right. We all do, but we know that's not how the world works. So, what do we do as humans? Compensate for every little thing that could go wrong. We think about all those possibilities way too much instead of rationalizing the many things that will probably go right and giving ourselves a beat to enjoy life!

What is one challenge you face when you want to convey something in your music?

Another great question… I genuinely care and, at the same time, will not hesitate to tell it like it is. My biggest hurdle sometimes is making sure I'm not being too abrasive in my delivery or, on the contrary, under-abrasive. For example, I recorded a song with PJ the other day, and we decided it needed some oomph. We ended up turning this slow, self-pitied country-pop tune about a girl who emotionally cheats on her boyfriend into an upbeat, hyper-pop bop about a girl who, in the literal sense, cheats on her man with her "friend." We battled with the hook's lyrics, trying not to be too crass, but then realized brutal honesty is just what the song needed to resonate with the masses from a truly authentic place. Ultimately, the challenge was to change the production and story just a bit to serve the song and take it from expected to edgy. I will release "Just a 'Friend'" in the fall.

What's next for you?

Next up, I have several song releases this year and many live performances and music videos, which I will be posting on my social pages. I'm working on a new website and fresh new merch with my fantastic marketing team at Pennyfly Entertainment, so be on the lookout. Access to everything is at this link. I also have several modeling, runway fashion, and acting projects coming up, including performing music and walking the runway for Gobbana. I'm excited about being cast in a pilot episode titled 'Pressure Cooker' for an upcoming TV series, "Joey's Place," an edgy, funny, and fast-paced single-camera, half-hour dramedy. It's about an enterprising but wavering blue-collar crime boss as he attempts to navigate his small-time rackets under cover of his neighborhood eatery while, at the same time, trying to appease his sharp, caring, but utopian new wife. I play the role of Jett Rockwell, a young, hip, rocking barback who is determined to make it as a music sensation. His story arc over season one is that he will be tempted by the lifestyle and get tangled in the money, the girls, and… the rest. I am also excited to be an Associate Producer on this project. So yes, the coming year is gearing up to be very adventurous for me.

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