We Are Thrilled About Aisha Hayle’s Debut Release “No More"

Jamaican R&B artist Aisha Hayles has been a long time coming to her debut single since becoming obsessed with music as a toddler. Currently, Aisha is currently in her 3rd year of a Bachelors's degree in music performance and is signed to L.B. Music Productions. Recently, Aisha has released her debut single “No More” featuring Demi and it is a perfect representation of what Aisha is capable of. “No More” is full of deep organic vibes, with a little flair of spontaneous. We were blown away by the first pre-chorus of “No More” when the strings came in and Aisha’s vocals began stacking we were suddenly pulled into this dream of hers. The strong powerful vibes that are going on in “No More” tell us about Aisha telling someone that she isn’t the crazy one and that they have to go, it has a driving push that is fully supported by Aisha’s hooky lyrics “Baby tell me, do you really think I’m crazy?”. Demi’s vocal performance perfectly compliments Aisha’s, creating a dynamic duet of a performance that sings out and touches your soul. “No More” is an incredibly strong debut single from Aisha and we can’t wait to hear what is coming with her debut album ‘Confessions of the Heart’.

You can find the debut release “No More”, here.

Hey there Aisha Hayes! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re loving your debut release “No More”, how does it feel to finally have music out there? How long have you been working on this song?

So relieved...This was something that I always wanted to do but kept putting it off because of fear and not having the right team to support me. Looking back, I don't know what I was so afraid of because it's just an amazing feeling seeing your hard work pay off. The team and I have been working on this song for almost 3 weeks. 

Your songwriting is superb here, what was the inspiration behind the songwriting? At what stage was the additional instrumentation done? How did you choose what instruments would be here?

Thank you but I can't take all of the credit. Even though it was a team effort it was actually written by Clane Matthew. He wrote from what he thinks is the female perspective of what a girl would say to a guy who has been continuously hurting her and I think he was on point. I guess he did his homework. Haha. The instrumental was made by the label and sent over to me. Clane saw it fit for my debut release to be RnB. Although I never really did that genre before, he pushed me and motivated me to try it. He wanted the feel of the song to be mysterious, smooth, and a bit playful at the same time. He wanted people to say “who’sAishaHayles? Where did she come from?! And how can I get more of her?!” And that’s exactly what he did in the instrumental when he had the label send it over to me. After I laid my vocals down on the track, he listened and listened until he found more sounds that would complement my voice. He basically started with the same instrumental you hear but without the strings that build-up to the chorus. After a couple of hours, he decided that the strings would be a good, and epic buildup for what’s to come in the chorus. After that, when all my vocals were down, he felt it was too empty right before the chorus dropped. Although the strings were there, he said it still needed something more to push it. After searching and listening through his files, Clane found the perfect sound. He used an FM Builder, which gave like a wobbly sound effect. He added some reverb to it, spread it through the mix, and then panned it back and forth in the left and right ear of the headphones. After that, he put everything together including Demi’s part and placed the FM Builder at other parts throughout the song, and then it was a masterpiece. It was a really cool and fascinating experience to watch him work! Thank you so much. Working with Demi was awesome. Our voices complimented each other well And we were all on the same page which made the process more fun and easier. This is what Demi had to say about our collaboration: “I would say my experience was cool. Aisha’s singing comes way more effortless to her than it does for me. Everyone from Clane toAishaand I were all on the same page for the most part while getting the song done. Which I think made the song turn out great!” 

We’re loving the duet type performance between you and Demi! What was it like to record together? How did you two come to meet? Who wrote Demi’s part in the song?

Demi and I met through Clane. We were there one day working on this track and he was like "what do you think about featuring a male artist on your song?" I didn't tell him this but I was a bit iffy because this is my first single, but as soon as I heard Demi's voice I was like "Yeeesssss" our voice will go well together. And the rest is history. Demi was the one who wrote his verse. It was a smooth transition because Clane and I are old friends. 

It’s exciting to be signed to a record label, what was it like to join L.B. Music Productions? How do you think joining the label has helped the growth of your career? Do you have any goals that you are aiming to achieve?

Joining the label has given me the push-start to my career that I've always wanted. They have done so much for the little time I've been with them. Moreover, they have shown me that they are not just a label, they are family.  My goal right now is to continue to make quality and relatable music that the fans will love.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

For 2020, I'm hoping to release more music and do more collaborations. As a matter of fact, I'm currently working on my first album titled "Confessions of the Heart." I'm really excited about this project and I can't wait to share it with my current and future fans.