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We Can't Get Enough Of Tudor's “Lately”

Originally from Colorado, Tudor began releasing music in 2018 under the acoustic alias Luca. He later decided to take on a different route with Hip-Hop/Pop music. Tudor currently lives in Seattle, Washington and he's still killing the game! Tudor recently released his single “Lately “ and we can't get enough of it!

"I’ve been through a couple of rough patches just like everybody else, the difference is I don’t like asking for help"

The lyrics were uncut and genuine. Tudor demonstrated vulnerability and emotive lyricism personable to how he feels but also relatable to how many people tend to feel. Tudor has a fluent vocal resonance that’s hipped to the style popular in today’s generation. It’s the smooth-sailing, suave flare a lot of R&B and Pop kings are equipped with such as Usher, Justin Bieber, etc. Despite the silky beat and appealing vocals, the intricate play in words was my favorite part about the song. It showcased the lyrical talent Tudor has and his capability to show many sides to his personality within his songs. We all love listening to certain types of music that can touch to our emotions and also connect with us on a certain level. Whenever artists open up in their songs, they allow us to see the authentic side of them. Although the lyrics may seem rather dwellsome, Tudor presented an up-beat and charismatic delivery. "Lately" would make an excellent addition to any of your feel-good playlists!

Listen to "Lately" here and get to know Tudor in our interview below!

Hi Tudor, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Tudor Arvinte, I was raised just outside of Boulder, Colorado, and I operate under two artist names: Luca and Tudor. The former is acoustic music and the latter is more pop/hip-hop oriented. I'm currently studying business at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, and plan to attend law school afterwards in order to learn the ins and outs of music law.

Is the music scene heavy in Colorado?

Colorado isn't usually what comes to most people's minds when asked which states have a heavy music scene, but the past few years have yielded many great artists out of Colorado, specifically in the EDM scene. There's more than a few amazing venues in Colorado, the most famous and my personal favorite being Red Rocks Amphitheater (duh). Overall, I think the Colorado music scene is on a heavy come up.

When did you discover your love for singing?

My love for singing is a direct result of my Dad's love for singing. Some of my earliest memories include my Dad singing and playing guitar for the entire family, and for as long as I can remember my sister and I were eager to join in whenever we knew the words. I was always encouraged by my family to pursue and further develop my passion for music.

Do you face any challenges during your song-writing process if so which?

I think every writer has to deal with writer's block every once in a while-whenever this happens to me I force myself to completely remove my quality filter and write whatever pops into my mind, this usually helps. Another challenge I've faced is the continuous balancing act of writing music you think other people will want to hear, but at the same time writing music that is rooted in real emotion. I've found it's easy to get lost in trying to write a song that you think will get streams, but ultimately the music that does the best is music that is most genuine. People can feel the emotion in a song, and a track that was written without a real emotion backing it will end up feeling empty.

How do you manage to stand out from the crowd with your music?

The songs I make are influenced by a very wide range of artists; I feel my music stands out because it's a blend of genres that most people haven't heard before. In addition to that, I put a lot of energy into the lyrics I write. A lot of music out there today is a lot less about the message and a lot more about the sound, but I think it's possible to maintain lyrical integrity no matter what genre an artist falls under. In total, a unique blend of genres and the depth of the lyrics I write is what makes me stand out.

Between rent and your single “Lately” which is your favorite and why?

If I had to choose between Lately and Rent I would probably have to go with Lately. I wrote it a few months after Rent, and I made a lot of progress as a writer in those few months. I think the lyrical structure, content, and slant rhymes in Lately are a lot better than in Rent, and the hook is in a sweet spot in my voice. That being said, I think the chorus in Rent is one of the catchiest I've ever written, and I would definitely prefer to listen to it over Lately in any type of high energy situation. Lately was my favorite song I've ever written for a little bit, but one of the songs I just recorded has now taken that spot. It's called "Let It Ride" and will be on my EP dropping on January 14th, my 21st birthday!


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