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We “Can’t Stop Dancin’” To The Steadies New Single

Canadian four-piece powerhouse band The Steadies are ready to pump up the party with their upbeat and catchy new single, "Can't Stop Dancin'."

The Steadies aren't invited to the party; they are the party. With high-energy tunes that explore a myriad of genres like pop-rock, world-beat, funk, and reggae, the band's self-proclaimed sound is best described as "island rock." The Saskatoon four-piece comprises vocalist and bassist Earl Pereira, guitarist Jesse James Clark, guitarist Chris Valleau, and drummer Kurtis Schultz.

Their new single, "Can't Stop Dancin'," is the lead single off the band's new EP, TRIKETRA: Mind, which recently dropped on July 29. It's the first EP of three, which will make up an entire full-length album. For now, we "Can't Stop Dancin'" to The Steadies' new single, an upbeat and uber-catchy anthem for carefree summer nights.

Hitting play on the new single, we dive headfirst into a lively and vibrant alternative pop-rock atmosphere with a dash of groovy funk. As Pereira begins vocalizing his plans to soak up a summer day with the band and their crew getting ready for the big show, we drift over to the hook and relish in The Steadies' upbeat instrumentals and dancefloor-esque groove.

The modern pop beats merged with The Steadies' explorative and funk instrumentals are a recipe for a good time. This song is incredibly dynamic; it's packed with transitions, twists, and turns to keep you moving and grooving from top to bottom. It's an exhilarating tune that's perfect for your next pre-game before a night on the town.

When you want to groove all night long, keep your energy alive with the help of The Steadies' latest single, "Can't Stop Dancin'," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

What an exciting and energizing experience you've offered with your recent single, "Can't Stop Dancin'." What inspired your band to create such a carefree and lively track like this?

“Can’t Stop Dancin’” stands apart from the other tracks on our EP in a couple of different ways, the first being that the main inspiration was to create a track that would capture the feeling of our live shows perfectly. One of our main goals with our live shows is to bring a high-energy set that is impossible not to dance to, and we think that we’ve achieved that feeling with this single too. The main overall inspiration was definitely to bring the feel-good vibes from our live shows to the listener!

Could you take us through what your band's creative process was like when formulating "Can't Stop Dancin'"? How did you bring the song to life?

The creative process was definitely unique in this song to others we have done in the past. The members of our band are based out of 3 Canadian cities (Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Victoria). Usually, we would record the bed tracks and initial parts of our songs altogether in the same room. The pandemic created a new set of challenges for us with that, and we had to begin writing and recording songs in a different way. With the initial idea being ready, we all began to share parts recorded at our own home studios instead of recording them all in the same room. When our drummer (and producer) Kurtis Schultz received all of the parts, he began rearranging, editing, and chopping up parts to make the perfect arrangement that wouldn’t be possible without working on the song in this new format.

This new process of recording for us may have taken a bit longer than usual, but the extra time allowed us to try different creative directions than would have been possible in a traditional route. Even though we weren’t in the same room for the recording, trying something new and experimenting with the creative process in a different way really allowed us to inject a playful mindset into the song, which we felt really also helped to achieve the high energy feeling that helps achieve our initial goal with this song!

What was your goal in terms of the listener's experience with "Can't Stop Dancin'"? What did you want the song to offer them?

The goal for this song was always to provide the energy and good vibes of our concerts to listeners at home. The primary focus while recording every part and when remixing anything into a new arrangement was to keep the energy throughout the track at a constant high. Despite this, in order to keep the track novel and to avoid any repetition, a secondary goal was to add new sonic experiences throughout the track in between choruses, offering several unique moments throughout the song, from bass breaks to filtered guitar transitions. This has been a ton of fun to translate back to our live show, and the different moments throughout this song have ended up becoming some of our favorite parts of our live show now!

How does "Can't Stop Dancin'" relate to the theme of your new EP, TRIKETRA: Mind?

From a lyrical standpoint, the rest of the EP dives deep into the theme of the Mind and occasionally grapples with difficult obstacles to mental health, while the inspiration for “Can’t Stop Dancin’” serves more as a solution; living in the moment and enjoying the beautiful parts of life can provide a remedy to the difficult parts of the mental experience. Being a song with the goal of providing that live show feeling, “Can’t Stop Dancin’” explores the nuances of a satisfying, positive mental experience and serves as a sonic representation of that at the same time. Music can be a great respite from difficult times, and we hope that this song has been a positive, uplifting experience to those that have had the chance to listen!


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