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We Don't Know What You Heard About Her, But Tinywiings is Serving Fierce Bars in "S.I.M.P."

Tinywiings is a Canadian rapper, songwriter, and poet based in Vancouver, BC. Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Tinywiings found her love of poetry at only age 7 which eventually led to her passion for music.

After releasing her first single in August of 2019, she has been quickly acquiring recognition and support from across the globe. Tinywiings’ hit single ‘Ruthless’ featuring Eazy Mac won her Rap Recording of the Year at the YYC Music Awards. In spring 2020, Tinywiings placed 5th in the WorldScout international hip-hop contest with over 1600 other contestants and the competition being judged by fan votes and by industry names such as Scott Storch and Steve Lobel.

Fresh off the release of her most recent single, “S.I.M.P,” Tinywiings takes on an inimitable approach to 2003 released ‘P.I.M.P,’ by 50 Cent. Completely altering its established instrumentation and flow, the femme power that is sprinkled into this track radiates the surge of energy we needed through the speakers.

Enlisting the production talents of Unkle Ricky, the effervescent bounce that transmits dynamism through your soundwaves is unmatched. The foundation created has the perfect contrast of low to high-frequency elements that give the resonance a seasoned finesse. What we love is the self-assured poise that Tinywiings captures as her vocal delivery exudes a hunger in her tone. Lyrically offering up a polished presentation of her knack for wordplay and ability to have you locked into the track, the fierce persona of Tinywiings comes off as sultry and bold as she’s a woman who knows what she wants, and when she wants it.

The sensual lyricism that she conveys allows her spin on a classic to fit in a similar realm, all while giving her fan base a taste of what Tinywiings encompasses. “S.I.M.P,” is here just in time for the summer weather and we recommend turning the volume up all the way as you digest the buttery cadences provided.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Tinywiings. The energy you give us in “S.I.M.P.” has us through the roof. What inspired you to take a classic and remix it the way you did? Thanks for having me! To be honest, the idea came to Unkle Ricky and me at a studio session when we were working on another track. We were talking about how funny the term “simp” is and how it is used so often lately. It was Ricky who said “oh my god, S.I.M.P.”, and we both knew exactly what we wanted to create from that moment. What was it like bringing this vision to life with Unkle Ricky? How did this collaboration come to be? It was so much fun bringing this track to life. We wanted the listener to be able to recognize a familiarity in the beat right from the beginning of the song along with a hook that demands attention. I wanted to keep the verses aggressive but fun with clever punchlines and hard bars while creating a “female version” of the original. Ricky and I met last year and after our first session together, we realized we were on to something special and that we make amazing collab songs. Since then, we have been busy creating and working on projects together. Could you please share a glimpse of the creative process you endured as you built the rhyme schemes for “S.I.M.P.?" The hook was probably the easiest part as it was basically my female take on 50 cent’s hook, so I just put my own twist on it. The verses were fun to create. I wanted to make people laugh while still being impressed with the rhymes. I always try to challenge myself with flows and multisyllabic rhyme schemes. I definitely wanted for people who had never heard the term “simp” to grasp an understanding by the time the song was done based on the lyrics. What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the messaging you portray in your artistry? I hope that my audience can appreciate the creativity that was put into this as I feel it is a very unique “remix” of a classic track. I definitely would hope that the older generation of listeners feels some sense of nostalgia, while also capturing the attention of the newer hip-hop generation, who may have not even heard P.I.M.P. I also hope that people can understand this song was purely fun and that I have nothing against anyone who is a simp, haha.

What has been your personal favorite release of 2021 so far? Why? I think “Her Face” has been my favorite release this year mainly because I received such overwhelming love and support from the track and I actually assumed the song would flop. It’s hard for me to choose just one release though because I love every song dearly for such different reasons.



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