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BuzzMusic Heard It First: Bleu Stroud Releases New Single "Blue Town"

Bleu Stroud, a California native, is an 18-year old who’s music reflects that laid-back, LA-centric singer-songwriter style of her hometown. This multi-instrumentalist has no formal training, but instead learned naturally how to play the guitar, twelve string guitar, ukulele, banjo and the piano. At the age of eight, Bleu Stroud started playing guitar and wrote her first song. As a shy child, she found her solace in her voice and songwriting. As Bleu grew older, her music evolved into personal narratives about love, pain, trusting one’s self, enduring hope and acceptance. Bleu Stroud takes a quirky, fun approach to her melodies and lyrics, with a stylistic touch on alternative folk and a dash of country and pop with her silky smooth vocals, that we can't get enough of! Releasing her debut single “Blue Town" we are here to hear it first!

Oh Bleu. My ears haven’t heard such an eccentric sound. This song starts of so very soft and subtle. Bleu Stroud's voice is so sweet and melodic, I was pleasantly surprised when the beat dropped and I heard a new age Taylor Swift style in her. Something classic but with a sweet kick to it. There are a variety of sounds here with the drums, banjo, guitar and even what sounds like an organ or piano. The climax gives us one last view at this amazing lyricist and production. The song winds us down to an ending with guitar strings and her beautiful voice. This country-pop-alternative-folk artist is bound to win over the charts. Bleu Stroud has so much to be proud of and so much to look forward to this year! We can't wait to hear what's next!

Be sure to listen to "Blue Town" and check out our exclusive interview below where we talk about Bleu's new single "Blue Town" and her upcoming role in a feature film!

Hey there! Would you mind introducing yourself to our readers?

Hey, I’m Bleu Stroud. So excited to be featured on BuzzMusic LA!

Tell us what music means to you, what inspired you to pursue music?

To me, music is an escape. I can be myself and communicate things through my lyrics. Music lets me take feelings and situations, good or bad, and turn them into something beautiful. I’ve always loved music and writing  and when I realized that I could put it together and create songs…..that’s the only thing I’ve wanted to do.

How has living in Los Angeles inspired you as an artist?

Well living in LA, I’ve been able to see a lot of my favorite artists perform live. Whenever I go to one of these shows, it inspires me so much and makes me want to be on a stage like that.

What is your favorite instrument to play and why?

I love playing the guitar. I play it almost everyday. Right when I get home from school, I pick it up….and usually start writing something new

Could you give us a little insight to your latest single?

I'm really excited because my first official single “Blue Town” is being released soon. I wrote this song almost 4 years ago, when I was 14.  Basically the song is about a negative relationship….not necessarily about a romantic one. Just in general…about standing up for yourself…and not letting yourself get pulled back into that negativity and dishonesty.

What about this song specifically is a direct reflection of you?

My whole life so far I’ve lived in the same town, and I’ve never really stood up for myself. This song was my way of saying I’m gonna stand up for myself and not let others control my life.

What can we expect to see or hear from you this year?

So, like I mentioned my first single and music video “Blue Town” is being released really soon. I also recorded a full album with 10 songs that will be released soon afterwards. And I’m hoping to book a lot of live shows to support it.

Lastly, I’m so excited to announce that two of my tracks off my new LP will be in the new feature film titled “Trading Paint” staring John Travolta and Shania Twain. The movie will be in theatres on February 22nd! I also sang the National Anthem for the film. So exciting for me to hear my music on the big screen!


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