We Heart It First: Phoebe Silva Graces Us with Her New Single “The Best Thing!”

Phoebe Silva is an LA-based artist whose music comes from a place of authentic songwriting. Our team had the pleasure of hearing her new single titled “The Best Thing!” which is set to release on December 6.

Tired of being easily influenced & jerked around, she wrote this authentic record that expresses her vulnerability & sentimental driven feelings. The meaning? “the best thing I got outta you was this song.” “The Best Thing!” begins with jazzy instrumentation that serves as the song foundation. You hear various instruments that help create the atmosphere of the song. Phoebe Silva takes a different approach when delivering this record. Instead of a cheeky pop song, “The Best Thing!” was fun, vibrant, and bold, yet the lyrics exuded the emotion Phoebe Silva intended for. Despite the vibes of “The Best Thing!” feeling energetic & bright, Phoebe Silva vocal delivery was killer. The sass, tone, & arrangements impressed us so immensely. Phoebe Silva delivered her voice with a piercing strike to her listener, emotionally convicting the lyrics with every powerful vocal belt. Phoebe Silva’s voice is so rich in texture that you feel the angst through the song. “The Best Thing!” was an empowering record that will motivate women all over to get out any toxic situation that’s detrimental to their emotions. Phoebe Silva gave us a well-executed & finely-calibrated record that we can sing over and over!

Join Phoebe Silva for her release show for “The Best Thing!” on December 2nd at the Hi-Hat in LA! The evening will feature local favorites Brenda Carsey and Harry Katz & the Pistachios. Grab your tickets here

Welcome to BuzzMusic Phoebe Silva! Mind talking to us a little about your background? What inspired you to pursue music?

Hello! Thanks so much for having me! My music background literally started when I was born, my mom and grandmother were both Suzuki violin teachers. I started playing the violin when I was 3 years old. I started performing in community theater and taking voice lessons when I was 11 or 12. I studied violin and voice all throughout my childhood and earned a BFA in musical theater from the University o