We Hope Kalen Will Do Anything but “Disappear” After Dropping This Next Music Video

Based out of New York City, Kalen has been taking the world by storm over the past few years. She has previously traveled as part of KALEN & The Sky Thieves, performing rock music across the country. Since her decision to go solo, Kalen has been impressing audiences with her powerful vocals. She has performed in venues such as The Mint, located in LA, and Joe’s Pub in NYC. In addition to her capabilities as a vocalist, Kalen focuses on songwriting and has even received honorable mention in American Songwriter. With the hard work and passion that Kalen has for her music, there’s no telling how far she’ll go!

Kalen’s newest release “Disappear” perfectly displays her soothing vocals, and is paired with a beautiful music video, featuring Kalen singing in a field of flowers. Accompanied by soft piano and acoustics, Kalen creates an angelic atmosphere with the imagery of the music video. She delivers her lyrics with intense emotion, unveiling the feeling of being completely caught up in someone, so much so that you can’t see clearly anymore. The images in the music video then become distorted and blurred as a brass solo begins, showing Kalen spinning on a sandy beach. Possibly in search of a clear mind or a way to make herself disappear. Kalen certainly brings intense character to the art she makes, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for her.

Listen to Disappear by Kalen here

Continue reading below for our interview with Kalen and the director of the music video, Lena!

The visuals for 'Disappear' are extremely elegant. What was the inspiration behind this video?

Lena (Director): When Kalen and I imagined shooting a music video in the super bloom, I was immediately brought back to one of my favorite films, Vera Chytilova's The Daisies which has a famous montage of two friends almost teleporting into flower fields - I liked the sense of nostalgia evoked in the song and interpreted it as 'nostalgia for frolicking'. However, as she lay in the poppies (btw no poppies were harmed - we found bare patches to set up on!) a Wizard of Oz narrative naturally began to emerge with Kalen entering a new world. 

For those who don't know the process behind music video creation, tell us a bit about your production from start to finish. Were there any hiccups along the way?

Lena: Well, this was a real 'run and gun' situation. Kalen and I wanted to collaborate while she was out performing in LA. We had discussed doing a larger project but ultimately decided to hold off and just go out and shoot something ourselves. So, we're driving out to the super bloom, and Kalen's doing her own make-up in my truck, and then we're hauling equipment up really steep hills (we wanted to get past most of the tourists who only go up about 100 ft.), and then I'm controlling playback and operating the camera and we're just kinda seeing what works. The beauty was everything we kind of discussed before we got there got thrown out in the edit! The great stuff happened when both of us were present in the location, pushing past any frustration about our limited resources and just experimenting. It was a really good lesson for me because I have a tendency to over plan! The only hiccup was that we got out there a little early in the day and had to wait for the sun to get lower. We didn't bring snacks but thankfully, there was an ice cream truck at the bottom of the hill! 

What was your favorite part of creating the video?

Lena: I just said, the ice cream truck. 

No but really, Kalen's lyrics are so evocative and they really challenge memory and experience, so I get to not just create a music video story but somehow recreate a backlog of memories and stories to accompany her lyrics. Also, she's down to dance like a crazy person on the beach if I say it looks cool and you don't find that in just any musician.  

Kalen: Haha. Honestly the entire process was a joy. Collaborating with dear friends is one of the best parts of life. We got to frolic in a field of poppies and dance like lunatics on the beach. The latter was actually challenging. I’m not a dancer and the beach was full of people watching me like I’d lost my mind but I felt like I was getting to the story truth of the song which felt honest.

What's next for Kalen as we enter a new year?

Kalen: For starters, Lena and I have been working together on a bigger budget, bigger production music video for my band, Death By Piano. That video (Do I?) and EP (Hellish EP) will come out next year. I’ll also be releasing 4 new solo songs that I’m very excited to share with the world. Another band that I sing and play keys for, Late Sea, will also be releasing a new EP. And I will be having a baby. :)