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We Like Everything That Step Back J Is Going For In Latest Single "I Like"

From sunny Santa Barbara comes the hip hop artist Step Back J who will cultivate you with his own unique spin on the culture of hip-hop. He transforms the genre into his own work of art. With StepBack J's versatile style and creative punch lines, his music will cover anything from a good time at a party to more serious issues around the globe. Spreading the good vibes and having fun is the goal, and his music is the key.

Step Back J released his single titled “I Like” and it immediately begins with a funky instrumental introduction with elements of classic hip-hop. The boombox culture of rap where the beats were known for the kicks and synths while delivering a funky flare was reinvented in “I Like” and that’s why I was personally a big big fan of the single. The repetitive hook is extremely catchy and has this ability to get stuck in your head inevitably. Step Back J either makes music for the good vibes, or music to express a sense of dwelled emotions, and “I Like” most definitely falls in the plethora of positive and joyful playlists! You let loose, enjoy the moment, and allow the song to take over your mood in a nearly 4-minute time span. “I Like’ can resonate well to those who are a big fan of the lo-fi hip-hop culture with cheeky and addictive lyrics!

Make sure you check out Step Back J's "I Like" here, and scroll below for the artists interview!


Hello, can you introduce yourself to our readers? What Inspired you to begin writing music?

Hello! I go by Step Back J. I am from Santa Barbara, CA and have been making music since I was in 8th grade. I don't know what it was that made me start writing music, but I do know what made me continue. A couple friends of mine had gotten into writing and making music, so it was something we would all do together when we weren't busy playing basketball. It wasn't until my senior year of college that I really decided I wanted to be good. I was just cut from my college team and had gotten into a good group of guys that really helped me along the way. 

Are you a personal fan of classic or current hip-hop?

There's a lot of music I really enjoy from both eras. What I don't like in todays hip hop, is the lack of respect that is consistently shown and praised by the media. People thinking its cool to act stupid. 

What style of hip-hop do you personally believe your single “I Like” embodies?

I've always considered my style to be a cross between Kyle, J Cole, and Logic. I believe "I Like" really embodies that. Playfully fun and real.

What was your mood when writing “I Like”?

I like to party a lot. "I Like" was written during a time where I was hitting the club probably 3 times a week. I was having fun and I Like" was written in response to that. This is a song about me doing the things i like to do and not really caring about what others think.

Any upcoming releases we can anticipate?

I have a ton of music waiting to be released. This summer I have a collab project releasing with Chris The Thr!llest. It will most likely be called The Shenanigans and will be a really cool project. I can't wait til it gets released!


Check out Step Back J on social media to be updated on upcoming releases:


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