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We'll "Cheers" to the Enticing Energy Put Forth by Melo Griffith

Melo Griffith is an Alternative Indie R&B artist looking for ways to play outside the lines of standard Hip-hop creativity. Seeking new taste and color in his musical performance, Melo Griffith creates an eclectic soundscape, using hypnotic voicing and colorful lyricism.

His ability to get lost between beautiful dream tones and heartfelt aggression towards reality is where we truly find a vivid imagination being evolved by Melo Griffith.

A vintage soundscape seeps into your speakers as it takes on a buoyant presentation of energy in the second track found on Melo Griffith’s album, ‘Ctfo.’ “Cheers,” allows the witty quips that drip from Melo Griffith’s naturally clever headspace to gracefully rest in your mind as you want to run it back in order to hear the well-scripted verses once more.

Hurdling over the instrumentation in a punchy manner, Melo Griffith eloquently swerves in and out of his smooth cadences in a jolted motion. It’s hard not to notice Melo Griffith when he flaunts his lyrical dexterity like it’s going out of style. You hear the syncopated timing of each word articulated to form a larger-than-life appeal as vivid illustrations get cast into your mind. He truly paints the lyrical content displayed in an ingenious manner that unifies with the pulsating beat in a throttling performance of dynamism.

“Cheers,” tips the scales as it weighs in on mesmerizingly captivating and exceptionally sharp as you pick up on a different detail each listen through. Whether it comes down to performing with high impact energy on stage or singing sweet melodies elusively heard through headphones, Melo Griffith continues to push the limitations on what it is to be a Black-male artist thriving in the music industry.

We love your most recent track, “Cheers,” off of the album, ‘Ctfo.’ Could you please take us into what the creative and recording process looked like when bringing “Cheers” to life?

Well, Travis (producer) and I have been working together for a while now. That’s my dude. I hit him up looking for something groovy to bop to cause I’m like, it’s the middle of summer and everyone’s sad right now which doesn't make any sense to me. I initially started singing the hook as a chant just repeating “Cheers to Life, Here’s to Life.” The rest of the track was kinda built around the idea of loving life and all that it brings and being true to you about it.

What is the message that you’re putting forth in this single? What does this song mean to you?

Have you ever stopped to think about what life was before covid and quarantine to what is now? Well, I started to fantasize on the thought of what life is now but thinking about what life will be once we’re allowed out and free to travel, explore and wander! I think that there are a lot of people—including myself—struggling through varying levels of personal, professional, emotional, physical, and even spiritual conflicts right now that no one close to them can see. I think that the strength to carry on in the most difficult of times deserves some celebration, don’t you?

Out of the 13 songs that can be found on ‘Ctfo,’ what allows “Cheers,” to stand apart from the rest?

It’s a timeless piece! It’s always relevant because every day is worth celebrating for you one reason or another! NYE, Birthday, Promotions, Weddings. This song was made for celebration!

I’m sure you’re geared up for a busy year in terms of new music! What can we expect to hear from you in 2021?

More of the vibes! Energy, feels, groove and slaps! This year we’re dropping lots of visuals!!

You can expect one music video a month and then some. If the people rock with it, I might even drop something bigger but we’ll see

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

My family & and my mom. I know too many people working so hard without access to the funds and opportunities they need to grow into their own light. I'm tryna have my ma retire early and hide out in the islands or something. I wanna become the higher best version of myself which can only come from accepting where and who I am now and I know and believe I have something real, you know? It’s in the feeling that I create so that others can feel something too. I also do it because it’s part of my lifeline.



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