We Love The Sultry And Powerful Vibes In Sincerely Craig’s Newest Track “Shakin’”

Sincerely Craig is electrifying acoustic duo from Toronto, Canada. The name pays homage to where this power couple met, on Craigslist while living in downtown Toronto. Sasha and David never thought they would be making music together; they never thought they’d fall in love either. Coming from completely different musical backgrounds, Sincerely Craig brings metal, rock and acoustic together; creating a vibrant and one-of-a-kind sound. A true duo, Sasha brings out the gypsy in her with a very modern musical influence with an extremely versatile and emotional voice. Currently working on the release of three new singles, with a female fronted bassist and a one-man show, in a two piece band, they’ve got more power, grunge and sexiness than ever

Sincerely Craig’s latest single titled “Shakin’” is a groovy new tune with a pummeling bassline and contagious riffs. The one of a kind sound is soulful with undertones of blues and jazzy vibes. The hook has me completely blown away. It’s harmonically-rich, grungy, sexy and all around groundbreaking. David throws down tight grooves throughout the entire track and Sasha’s vocals are mesmerizing. Her versatility is fully showcased through the gritty hook and flawlessly switching to a soft angelic delivery. “Shakin’” is all about desire and taking what you want. Sincerely Craig captures the essence of the emotion through spectacular lyricism and catchy riffs. The flowing sound arrangements and catchy melody make this song very addicting and we’re loving it.


Check out “Shakin’” here

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