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We Present Yet Another Category Transformer: Jack Berry

At BuzzMusic, you know we love to find artists who are transforming the category they’re in. What we love even more is artists creating buzz for a category that’s hardly there to begin with! Residing in Nashville, Tennessee, Jack Berry is a rugged and intoxicating artist who sheds some refreshing light on the country/rock scene. Jack releases music that has the good ol’ country twang we love, meshed together with the core elements you’d expect to hear in any great rock track. Jack Berry definitely isn’t a new comer to the music scene, especially when it comes to getting his music out there. Jack Berry’s recent single Bad Dog” and “Kiss Like” were featured on the well-known production “Shameless”, and the artist has gained some pretty crazy traction from papers such as Rolling Stone. Once you give a listen to Jack’s music, you’ll realize how mature and crafted his sound really is. 

We’re immediately introduced with some pretty heavy guitar riffs in Jack’s recent single “Mad Behavior”. This song is incredibly diverse in our opinion, as Jack is able to combine the underlying sound of a great country song, with the hard-hitting melodies you’d find in a rock song. We love the type of hard-hitting country vibe Jack Berry is going for, and it’s definitely a sound we won’t get sick of anytime soon. “Mad Behavior” will really catch your attention with its overall aggressive sound, at least it did for us! We find that not every artist out there can nail the delivery with such hard-hitting music, but it’s as if this genre was meant for Jack. His execution doesn’t seem fabricated or passionless, it’s all but. I can practically feel the rage and emotion pouring off of this track, so definitely don’t expect to be disappointed with “Mad Behavior”. Quality of vocals is also pretty insane, considering there are some pretty crazy notes to hit throughout the song. Nonetheless, Jack doesn’t miss any opportunity to show off his talent, and we really believe “Mad Behavior” is the perfect representation of the quality of music Jack Berry puts out to his listeners. 

Listen to Mad Behavior here and get to know more about Jack Berry below!

Hey Jack! We love the hard-hitting sound of your latest single “Mad Behavior”. Can you talk more on how you originally saw the production of this song going?

Some of the time when I’m writing, it’s for the live show. I’m choreographing the experience, the rise and fall of what I suppose you could say is the soundtrack to story I’m telling. I wanted that turnaround, that start to Act 3, the driving force to take it on home. The pacing is built around the chug of bass line, just grooving through.

What was the ultimate inspiration behind curating “Mad Behavior”?

The final speech in The Great Dictator from 1940 with Charlie Chaplin. We think too much and feel too little, he says, pleading with the congregated to not give into to machine men with “machine minds” and machine hearts. That sentiment stuck to me. More than this “machinery” so to speak, we need humanity. Nothing more human than letting loose in rebellion or whatever the hell you’re fighting or letting go of. And it’s not always accepted or welcome, hence, Mad Behavior. To break free from a mold is a gorgeous thing. 

You’re an incredible artist that has gained some awesome traction we see and made it pretty far! What’s one piece of advice that you would give to yourself when you were first starting out in music?

There’s always someone that’s going to be better technically but make sure no one does it like you do. 

If you could redo “Mad Behavior” and have one artist feature on it with you, who would you choose?

Tyler The Creator. There’s definitely a verse waiting in there for him.

Are you planning on releasing more music this year? If so, when can we expect some new sounds from you?!

Better believe it. There’s going to be 4-5 singles coming out over the span of summer. Time to shake the dust. 


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