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We're All Humans with a Story, Ida Therese Klungland Points Out, on Latest Single, "Humans"

Ida Therese Klungland is a multi-talented Norwegian singer, songwriter, and storyteller. With an artistic style that is inspired by 90’s Grunge and minimalistic Pop, she strives to carefully craft songs that tell their own unique individual story.

Coming onto the scene as an independent artist in 2019, Ida has already self-produced a series of tracks that she is proud to call her own. “Humans,” is a staple piece off of her new EP, 'Sketches,' a series of heartfelt stories that dive into who Ida is as an up and coming artist.

“Humans,” creates an emotional whirlwind of delicate components that sonically grace the listener’s ears. This smooth record carries a wistful tone as Ida vocalizes her remarkable appeal is a genre exclusive to her.

“Humans,” paints a descriptive image of us all living as individuals in this world and in return going through our own hardships, success, and stories that we have the power of writing. As we all co-exist in this universe, we need to be more mindful of the space and energy that we take up and accept one another for who we are, flaws included.

With performance so profound, each lyric shed by Ida is accompanied by a graceful utopia of warmth. The instrumentation is simplistic, yet more than enough to bring her sonic voyage to life. Not to be fooled, the delicacy that Ida presents in her vocals is carried out with a sizzling power in the way that her words convey to your deepest and innermost emotions.

As a talented artist taking the music industry by storm, “Humans,” is only a sample of the experiences that Ida Therese Klungland has to feed us all. Her new EP, 'Sketches,' creates an entire soundscape of all she has to offer us as she puts her stake into the realm of creativity.

Hello Ida, thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of your EP 'Sketches.' With each piece that expands more on who you are, could you please tell us the meaning behind the name of your second EP? Thank you! I chose the name 'Sketches' because the songs felt a lot like sketches to me, unfinished pieces of work, ideas that I had just scribbled down. All the songs on the EP were written between 2015 and 2018, and they represent the same idea of being in a life stage where everything is kind of unfinished ideas. Being a twenty-something can be kind of confusing! So I thought the title fitted. I also wanted to play with drawings and paintings for the visual side of the release. I also feel like 'Sketches' is kind of a cliché title for a release like this, and I wanted to play on that. All the song titles feel like typical singer-songwriter titles, and that was very funny to me. I also mention it in the opening track: "It's all fine now, I'm writing songs again, with all these uncreative titles to prove I'm just like them."

What would you like listeners to take away from the single “Humans?" I guess this song is about relationships, and how we all strive for something that is not just "co-existing", but actually sharing something deeper. To get to that point we have to open up and be vulnerable, but I hope it's worth it in the end. This song was written before 2020 of course, but while I was recording it, I felt like the current situation where everyone is isolated added another layer to the song. We still need each other, and we still need relationships, and it might be even harder to open up to people now. But also, even more important. What was the creative process like when creating this single versus the other songs on the EP, 'Sketches?' The process was pretty much the same for all the songs. They were all written a few years ago, and left in a drawer, to put it bluntly. This year I decided to give them some new life, and I rewrote parts of the lyrics for a few of them (3 out of 5 songs to be exact, the remaining two, Humans and Last Train, are untouched). I also made some new arrangements and tried making each song into a separate finished piece, while still trying to make them sound coherent. It was fun taking these song sketches and making them into more finished pieces of music! How important is it for you to take your real-life experiences and out them into the music that you create? It is very important. But I also want to make something that people can relate to, so I try to not be too specific. The best balance is managing to be personal and writing about real-life events, while still being general enough so that other people can feel like "oh, this could be about me!", you know? What has been keeping you inspired this year? What can we expect to see next from you? I've been inspired by all the musicians and creatives managing to make art from home and staying connected. I think there has been a lot of good music coming from lockdown! I will keep writing, and keep making bigger projects that tell a story. My goal for 2021 is to make my debut album!


Photo Credit: Irene S. Lunde


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