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We're All Invited to the "Party At The White House," With KUL's Anthemic Single

Coming from the green terrains of Iceland, the 4-piece Rock band KUL takes on themes of our current and soon to be former president with their anthemic single, "Party At The White House."

KUL is made up of the rocking stylings between Heidar Örn Kristjansson on lead vocals and guitar, Helgi Runar Gunnarsson on lead guitar and backing vocals, Halfdan Arnason on bass and backing vocals, and Skúli Gíslason on drums. Always fueling their sound with an energetic flair, we're excited to introduce their latest thrilling single.

KUL's latest single, "Party At The House," tells an engaging and anthemic story of the jam that's happening at the white house these days. With highly conceptual lyricism that allows listeners to deeply submerge themselves in KUL's sound, the boys offer whopping instrumentals that remind us of our better days on the rise.

"Party At The White House" opens with Skúli Gíslason's mid-tempo drum patterns that naturally liven the song right off the bat. As Heidar Örn Kristjansson enters the track with his slightly filtered vocals, a fiery instrumental beat drops with help from Helgi Runar Gunnarsson's punchy lead guitar and Halfdan Arnason's exhilarating bassline.

Listening to Heidar Örn Kristjansson's lyricism, we can't help but share a smile as he sings of the party amid the white house, praising democracy and sharing snide remarks of Donald Trump's hypocrisy. Ending the song with an anthemic feel through KUL's blistering instrumentals, we honestly couldn't have asked for a better track to lead us into a new presidency.

We highly appreciate KUL's latest smashing single, "Party At The White House," as they tell an exhilarating story that the majority of our country can relate and bang their heads with.

It's rather interesting that your band is from Iceland, yet you've taken on an entire track regarding America's politics. What inspired your band to release a single like this with "Party At The White House"?

The presidency of the United States of America is arguably the most powerful elected official in the world. The role includes responsibility for directing the world's most expensive military, which has the second-largest nuclear arsenal. So when the elected president shows impulsivity, arrogance, and a tendency to move and think too fast it makes everyone concerned.

Your band's sound seems rather tightly-wound and well-crafted, especially through your instrumentals on "Party At The White House." How did you formulate your instrumentals to offer this anthemic and engaging atmosphere?

Thank you! For this song, it was pretty easy. It has a strong hook and the instrumentation was easy to wrap around. Svenni, the producer, added some electronic elements to the arrangement and Mark Needham did an awesome job with the mix.

Within your lyricism on "Party At The White House," how did you go about writing lyrics that tell such an in-depth, political, and exhilarating story?

Usually, the lyrics come as the song takes life but this one was different. The lyric basically wrote itself. It just started with this line “party at the white house” while the song was written and went on from there. Thanks to Trump's presidency it was all too easy. We wanted to have a party at the white house after he was gone.

Seeing as your single "Party At The White House" covers a broader theme of politics and positive change, would you say that your band usually releases music that touches on relevant and substantial themes like this?

We find it boring writing about ourselves so we tend to write lyrics about other things like politics, global warming, how the media affects people, stuff that matters and is happening in the world right now. But then again, writing about pain is very satisfying!

What has been your biggest source of inspiration while creating new music this year?

Isolation, stupidity, and pain.


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