We’re Feeling All Sorts of Emotions With Kenneth Cane’s “Be Mine”

Kenneth Cane is the kind of artist you hear once, and will continue to listen repeatedly. Kenneth curates sounds that make your senses explode with passion and emotion. Kenneth Canemakes us feel things we miss feeling when we listen to R&B soul music. Kenneth brings us back the remiisncet feeling of R&B soul that we need to hear more of nowadays, and we’re thankful Kenneth is adding his graces to the category. Kenneth Cane expands and ultimately paves the way for future R&B/soul artists to share their truth through their music, and make listeners truly feel something when listening. 

Kenneth Cane comes out with his latest single “Be Mine” and we fell in love right from the start. Immediately we’re introduced to the soft sound of a piano, integrated with Kenneth’s old-school R&B vocalism that floats upon your ears like a feather. His voice sounds like a mesh of Frank Ocean and Daniel Caesar—the right kind of combination we’ve forever been waiting for. As "Be Mine" continued, Kenneth Cane blew our expectations away with what we thought he was capable of as an artist. His vocalism is truly dynamic—the notes he is able to hit, and not only hit, but sing with such grace and flow, is incredible. We feel relaxed and euphoric listening to Kenneth Cane’s "Be Mine", and that’s the right type of feeling to be felt while listening to a magnificent artist such as Kenneth. We’re clearly hyping Kenneth up a lot, but we know it’s for the right reasons—this artist will blow you guys away just as he did to us! Feel free to listen with us below to get true and honest sense of what Kenneth Cane is capable of as an artist. 

Listen to “Be Mine” here, and keep scrolling for Kenneth Cane’s interview!

Hey Kenneth! Tell our readers why you decided to go into music!

Music has always been the number one influence in my life. It has also influenced how I dress, talk,  and even down to my mentality in certain aspects. Doing music has been the most natural thing I’ve ever done (other than basketball) so it was only right I’d follow my passion.

As an artist, what are some challenges you personally face when curating your music?

As an artist I’d say the biggest challenge I face is not finishing writing songs soon enough. I love to pull inspiration from my surroundings and life experiences which sometimes causes me to leave songs half written while I move on to new ones. Doing that makes it a bit hard to replicate that  initial feeling i had at the start when I try to go back and finish a half written song.

Who would you say are your top three musical influences? Personal influences?

Biggie for his story telling Currensy for his candences and content Al green for his swag and smoothness on songs .

Your voice really glides across our senses—you have the voice of an angel! Does this sound truly come effortlessly to you?

Aha I appreciate that, because of the huge music influence in my house I’ve been experimenting with singing since I was like 4 or 5 which enabled me to hold notes, learn how to manipulate my voice to falsettos, etc... But some vocal coaching and practicing definitely helped my execution and technique.

Are you planning to play in any upcoming shows for the rest of 2019

No shows currently planned for the rest of 2019 so far, just focusing on putting out more content, but it’s definitely a possibility 

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