We're Feeling Confident With Mike Nova's Recent Release "Vibes"

New R&B/hip-hop artist Mike Nova is making a huge impact within the music scene. Mike enters our music world as a relatively new artist, but creates music that is all but inexperienced. Mike Nova curates tracks that are elemental and present a harsh, yet calming tone. Aggressive lyrical delivery, and some seriously intriguing rhythms integrated within his music, Mike Nova releases tracks that have an obvious hype and eccentric energy. His latest track "Vibes" proves this exact element of Mike Nova. 

Mike Nova really knows how to captivate and entrance his listeners in "Vibes". First, we HAVE to comment on how killer the production of this track was on Juno Adonis' part. As listeners, we felt completely involved in the atmospheric vibe (no pun intended) of the track. You wouldn't be able to tell that Mike Nova is a new artist--his talent extends so far out you'd think he'd been curating music his entire life. "Vibes" contains J.Cole production elements, mixed with a more hard-hitting vocal delivery that's unique to Mike Nova. "Vibes" is doubtlessly our favorite R&B/hip-hop track of the week. Mike Nova clearly killed it again with his overall execution, and we feel only further connected with him as an artist as he continues to release more tracks. We know we're going to have to get used to being impressed with the effortless flow that pours off of Mike, and we're obsessively checking to see what he puts out next!

Give a listen to "Vibes" here, and keep on reading for Mike's exclusive interview!