We're Feeling Confident With Mike Nova's Recent Release "Vibes"

New R&B/hip-hop artist Mike Nova is making a huge impact within the music scene. Mike enters our music world as a relatively new artist, but creates music that is all but inexperienced. Mike Nova curates tracks that are elemental and present a harsh, yet calming tone. Aggressive lyrical delivery, and some seriously intriguing rhythms integrated within his music, Mike Nova releases tracks that have an obvious hype and eccentric energy. His latest track "Vibes" proves this exact element of Mike Nova. 

Mike Nova really knows how to captivate and entrance his listeners in "Vibes". First, we HAVE to comment on how killer the production of this track was on Juno Adonis' part. As listeners, we felt completely involved in the atmospheric vibe (no pun intended) of the track. You wouldn't be able to tell that Mike Nova is a new artist--his talent extends so far out you'd think he'd been curating music his entire life. "Vibes" contains J.Cole production elements, mixed with a more hard-hitting vocal delivery that's unique to Mike Nova. "Vibes" is doubtlessly our favorite R&B/hip-hop track of the week. Mike Nova clearly killed it again with his overall execution, and we feel only further connected with him as an artist as he continues to release more tracks. We know we're going to have to get used to being impressed with the effortless flow that pours off of Mike, and we're obsessively checking to see what he puts out next!

Give a listen to "Vibes" here, and keep on reading for Mike's exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Let’s talk about your upbringing! Before discovering music, did you have any other hobbies for yourself?

Thanks for having me again BuzzMusic , I always appreciate the opportunities. Before discovering music honestly I was always dabbling in different things from Different types of sports such as swimming,track ,basketball and even martial arts. As I got older I realized I was always musically inclined you know . All these other activities I found myself not giving a 100 percent or quitting halfway . With music it was different I could be away from it an still find myself together it with you know an the same feeling of being ecstatic would always be there.

What would you say is the most integral element of your music?

That’s a great question. To start off I have to have like a meaning to the song . What are you saying in this song ?? What’s the point ? It can be simple as just flexing my ability or actually story telling giving you perspective. It can be a prototype to something I’m trying ,so having an Object is number one .Lyrics is key , like that’s 100 percent my element . I need every bar to be sharp , I want to make people go ouuuu an have that stank ass face like that’s the best part of being a MC you know creating , an saying something clever that’s never heard of , but also at the same time staying relevant to what the song is about . So between my object an my lyrics , In between that everything falls in place. I would know how I want to deliver it and the type of beat I need . It will just flow to me.

What verse in “Vibes” would you say is the most impactful for the meaning of the song?

I fein on

To be on,

To be on again 

I'm beyond a phenom

Let's not play pretend 

Now she on an he on 

Let's all tell a friend 

That Nigga is hot boy


He on again

This verse right is the most impactful to me , because it gives off a sense of empowerment and Confidence. Like bro I’m dope I’m fire .. I want to better than the best , an someone hears this song they tell they friend , from a he a she an then I’m hot again cause of word of mouth.. That’s a vibe feeling like no one can F ‘wit you that’s a vibe we all have experienced.

Would you say that your music is a big reflection of your personal life and experiences?

I would say yes . Honestly I use to have trouble putting my emotions in song but the more I continue you to develop an go through lives hardships , the more easier it becomes to draw you know inspiration an tap into it. A lot of my music are not only my stories but of others. I want to be able to tell other people’s stories for them , it’s cool to talk about yourself because the listener can relate to you right , but what about the person who is going through way worst then you an you can’t relate to them .but some of your listeners can relate . Do it for the people not only yourself.

What can we expect to see from you as an artist in the near future?

As an artist you’ll see me become more multilayered.That’s currently my objective to show you I can do everything ,Not every project will be the same ,because I’m not only an artist I’m a person  an we all change . My music will document my progression as an artist but also as a human.


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