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We're Feeling Good Vibes With Tomas Kaya's "Do You Feel What I Feel"

Tomas Kaya is a singer and songwriter from Sweden. In his home country, he has made his mark with an undeniable voice. His participation in Swedish Idol 2017 received a national acknowledgement, with an entrance that immediately captivated the judge panel. His music is infused with undeniable pop vibes and tastefully balanced with soul, garnering influence from artists such as Bruno Mars, Jessie J and Stevie Wonder. Kaya is very comfortable collaborating, with his new single featuring contributions from his friend and rapper David Timothy.

BuzzMedia presents a brand new single by Tomas Kaya called “Do You Feel What I Feel”. Kaya’s voice shines through immediately as polished, refined, uplifting and lighthearted. There is a use of conventional sounds such as the electric guitar juxtaposed with the modern production value of a well made beat. The verse builds soulfully to each gratifying chorus, and the result is a song that will instantly lift your spirits and have you dancing both internally and externally. The middle of the song is broken up nicely with a bridge featuring rap vocals from contributor David Timothy. All of the vocals throughout the song are delivered with a gleeful rhythm, perfect pacing and an overall refined sound. This artist comes highly recommended, so give “Do You Feel What I Feel” a spin today!

Check out Kaya's "Do You Feel What I Feel" on Spotify, as well as the artists personalized interview below!

Hey Toomas, thanks for chatting with us! Would you describe how your background and how you first got involved with music?

I’ve been singing since i got my first cd from my siblings. It was Mariah Careys ”music box” from 93. I listened to it daily and started to write my own songs. I was a kid sitting in my room practicing her riffs and runs. After a while motown music and soul with Stevie wonder and Aretha Franklin caught my attention. And at the same time gospelmusic. So today i’m kinda influenced by a mixture of all that. Also growing up with an alcoholic father, abuse was a huge issue at home. And songwriting was absolutely an escape and a therapy for me. Then in 2017, I got a big break in Sweden being a part of Swedish Idol. And the doors started to open from there.

Who would you say your biggest artistic influences are?

My biggest artistic influences are Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, Yolanda Adams, Jessie J. I like vocalists with a wide range and technical skills. It’s like honey for the ear. Most of my time I spend watching background Singers on youtube. 

What does your songwriting process generally look like? How does the music all come together?

My songwriting process comes across in a variety of ways. Sometimes a difficult and painful situation leads me to write down my feelings. Other times i sit at the buss and I get a songidea and quickly run to my phone just to write it down, in case i’d forget it. (Short term memory hahah)

Last year i’ve also started to co-write more with other songwriters in the industry. I want to grow and see songwriting from others perspective, so I work with people with a whole other mindset than me. 

“Do You Feel What I Feel” seems to encompass exciting and positive vibes. Did you have a particular message behind the song?

My message with ”Do you feel what i feel” is actually not as deep as the rest of my songs. The point with this song is just to send good vibes and put words on how it feels when you’re in love but not knowing if she feels the same. I wanted to release a feelgood song.

What can we hope to see from you going forward?

At the moment i’m working on a debutalbum. But keeping it a little hush hush (well not anymore now that you know). I want to put out a masterpiece that i first can be proud of and love. Songs that reflect my journey and emotions these two last years. Almost like an autobiography. Super excited and thrilled to release it this year!


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