We're Feeling More Than "Good," With AESTHETIC's Latest Release

AESTHETIC wins fans over with the melodic Pop essence that shines through his danceable singing and songwriting techniques. Using relatable emotional connectors in the music he crafts, AESTHETIC is often compared to the likes of blackbear, The Chainsmokers, and Zedd as he fashions his unique delivery in his own way. Now, after a yearlong hiatus, he returns with his latest single, "Good."

The up-tempo rumble of vibrant synths fill the speakers as the pep in our step picks up as soon as "Good" is introduced to our ears. Adding some shimmer to the dark, bass-heavy synths, the instrumentation elements balance each other out in a recipe for success.

Acting as an anthem that expresses the positivity in AESTHETIC's mindset, you can hear him taking the high road as he refuses to let any negative vitality cloud the space he occupies. Proud of his accomplishments, he wears his confidence on his sleeve with no regrets in flaunting what he has worked hard for.

AESTHETIC holds a hunger in the prevailing tonal distinction his vocals exude. You can feel the energy radiate from his charismatic performance as each harmonious melody shed adds an extra dose of life into this carefully crafted composition.

Triumphantly conquering anything that comes his way, AESTHETIC showcases victory in how he conveys his message to his listeners. As his rapidly growing fan base continues to skyrocket, it's no wonder that AESTHETIC is garnering the attention that he is. Continuously putting his best foot forth, we can vibe with the liveliness emitted as we anticipate his next release.