We're Feeling Warm and Cozy with the Soundings of Picnick in "I Deserve Better"

Genre-blending artist Picnick is huge in helping others through his music. As the best artists do, Picnick ensures such care into spreading messages that matter throughout his music. He's an artist that has a lot of visions with his music, which is completely observable from the varying genres he uses in harmony. His most recent music has felt more pop/country-focused, and his lyricism feeling softer. Being a huge advocate for mental health, you can tell that Picnick has a genuine urge to help listeners in whichever aspect he can. His aura in honest and his music showcases his innocent personality indefinitely well. His most recently released single, "I Deserve Better", represents Picnick's authentic side for sure.

We have to note that Picnick maintains such a mellow, smooth, and innocent harmony throughout "I Deserve Better". You'll have a pretty easy time discerning a multitude of genres from Picnick's track, and it's extremely flavorsome that he's able to blend together so many contrasting elements in harmony. With elements of pop, country, folk, and even a smidge of indie/rock, it's safe to say that Picnick is a multifaceted artist, who doesn't back off from creating his own authentic sound. Ultimately, we feel warm with the voice of Picnick in "I Deserve Better", because of the ambiance he gives off. It's real, and we've annoyingly stressed how innocent-sounding he is by now. We can easily distinguish the kind of potential Picnick has within his artistry, we know that he will only build himself up from here.

Check out "I Deserve Better" below!

Hi Picnick! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Thanks for taking the time to talk about your artistry, as well as your latest single "I Deserve Better". How do you feel now that the single is out and released to your listeners?

Thanks for having me on BuzzMusic! Now that my single is live and my name is out there, I feel free. My song is ironically about letting go and realizing that you deserve better, so releasing this single has helped me move past a toxic relationship that held me down for so long and now I’m finally following my dreams!

Did your initial vision for your overall production of "I Deserve Better" execute in the way you planned? Do you find that the visions you have with creating your sound changes over the process, or does it typically remain constant?

I am blessed to work with one of the most talented, young producers around: Austin Shawn. My initial vision for the song definitely came to fruition during production and the final product is exactly what I had in mind! Austin and I just vibe so well together.

Would you ever incorporate genres that are incredibly contrasting from what you currently blend together now? 

Absolutely, I love all sorts of music and I hope that shows through my music. I consider “I Deserve Better.” to be one of my pop songs, but today I actually just released a pop-country song and I’m very excited for people to hear that as well. I also have some rock songs in the works!

We've heard that you involve yourself heavily with mental health awareness. How do you feel like you're currently aiding in the mental health initiative within your music? My music is raw and real. I talk about things that not many people talk about, but I feel like these are things people need to hear. I have a song called “Demons” that is basically the embodiment of this. My whole life I have battled demons in my head (depression), and I know many others do as well. When I start getting bigger I want to send a portion of my earnings to mental health foundations to support research and also help people afford therapy and medication.

Thanks again for talking with us about your recent release! What's the next goal for you artistically, now that "I Deserve Better" is finished?

Now that “I Deserve Better.” has been out for a bit, I’m focused on writing more songs and 2020 I’m looking forward to hitting the road and playing some big shows! :) Thanks again for having me.