We want Mitch Kutter to Stick Around After he Dives into his EP 'Eviction Notice'

Hailing from the western side of Canada, Alternative Hip-Hop artist Mitch Kutter kicked off his music career by crafting EDM music in Red Deer, Alberta, in early 2012. In this time he has been dominating in the music scene, he’s always released music in a quick yet effective manner.

2018 was the year that he formed the record label The House of Beats and Blues with the original members of the 51/50 Family that came together to drop his first project returning to music since 2014, 51/50 The Mixtape. Dabbling in genres far and wide, Mitch Kutter is also known for showcasing his varied talents by releasing a Pop flavored, EDM record.

This time, he’s back with 'Eviction Notice.' An EP delivering the soothing and buoyant fusion of Contemporary R&B instrumentation with the power and vocal delivery of Hip-hop’s known and loved traits.

Kicking 'Eviction Notice,' off is the boisterous introductory record, “The Truth.” The instrumentation is dressed in bubbly and soothing elements dripping in enticing hi-hats as it is reminiscent of a Contemporary R&B vibe as Mitch Kutter approaches the track with his hard-hitting emcee like delivery.

The presence in his vocals establishes dominance as he opens this EP giving us the cold hard facts in the lyrics he pens in, “The Truth.” Repping the traits that make him one to stand out in his own lane, Mitch Kutter paints a picture with his lyricism of knowing his worth and sticking to the facts.

“Memoirs of the Fall,” slows the tempo down as we have entered the EP with the second record on rotation. A striking expression of perseverance shines bright as Mitch Kutter tells his story about how he is making it to the top by all means necessary.

The burning passion in the vocalization that Mitch Kutter performs is one that we feel in the depths of our soul. The doubling effect on his vocals truly drives this piece home as it embodies trademarks of a record that is not to be taken lightly.

Coming in third on the tracklist of 'Eviction Notice,' we have “Give Me Space.” The groovy and distant ambiance has you kicking back to relax as you get lost in the carefully crafted lyrics Mitch Kutter shares with us. The glistening elements in this instrumentation add a unique dimension to this record as we say back and forth. The captivating manner that Mitch Kutter says in his piece on being a unique individual in this universe, has us all relating to our own individuality. He passionately expresses that he thrives when he is in his own environment and you won’t catch him conforming to anyone’s idea of him.

Mitch Kutter recruits Rebel Soulja for “The Dirt.” The two deliver a conscious and up-tempo performance as they talk about having vices they use as coping mechanisms in this crazy little thing called life. Reiterating the question of what you would do if your vices no longer work, forces us to sit with ourselves as we think that one over repeatedly and connect with them on a personal level for this record. Power dripping in facts is what these two have to offer us as we almost come to the end of 'Eviction Notice.'

We have come to the final and bonus track on 'Eviction Notice.' You will recognize this song as the second song, “Memoirs of the Fall,” but this time Mitch Kutter has collaborated with Boy Casper to give you this extended version. We love the duo on this record offering up a different flavor. Both of their styles complement one another and in fact strengthen each other’s performance as Mitch Kutter once again drives home the message of making it to the top, no matter what it takes. Radiating in confidence, this song is a strong finish to the five-track composition of 'Eviction Notice.'

Continuously working towards building himself and everyone around him up to the next level, Mitch Kutter does not hold back with his masterpiece EP, 'Eviction Notice.' This is one to add to your rotation as you follow this artist’s journey closely on his way to the top.

Congratulations on the release of 'Eviction Notice.' This EP is definitely a sonic journey. We would love to know, what inspired the overall message of the EP?

Thank you, it definitely has a couple of different types of vibes on the songs on it.

Quite often when I go into writing for new projects I’ve been in a low spot emotionally, and I draw my inspiration from the way I feel in those low moments. I tried to sum up the feelings I was having both good and bad and release them artistically instead of any negative way. So I guess finding a way out of the dark place I was at the time inspired each song and the project as a whole.

With “Memoirs of the Fall (feat. Boy Casper)” what was your creative reasoning behind adding a bonus track to 'Eviction Notice?' What was this collaboration like for you two?

I wrote three songs for Eviction Notice originally. I and Boy Casper own a record label together and while I was mixing Memoirs of the Fall I had a room at the end of the track for either another verse or I would need to cut the rest of the track. I felt like the song as a whole and the production was very much in his wheelhouse for his sound. So while mixing it I called him in to listen and he wrote and recorded his part within an hour, and I believe it came out better than the original.

Out of the five songs that you present to us, do you have one that resonates with you more than others?

Memoirs of the Fall is what I feel resonates most with me. The story told in it is a quick summary of my year since my release in April, and just has the exact vibe I was going for start to finish when I started coming up with the idea and arrangement for the track. There are too many lines in it to name a favorite, but I catch myself returning to that track time after time.

In terms of themes and messaging, what would you like your listeners to take away from this project?

To take their feelings and find an outlet for them. So many people feel misunderstood or not heard at all these days. There are so many outlets both artistic and not that can help anyone out there not feeling their normal self. Everyone deserves to be heard and understood, I just hope everyone can find their outlet.

How important is it for you to talk about real-life experiences in the music that you put forth to your listeners?

I feel like there is a time and place to make music or art personal, and a time and place to be fun with it. I try to take from personal experience as often as I can when I write just as a personal preference. It comes easier to write about what I’ve been through or know that to make something up for more streams.