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We Will Never Forget Avery Grace and Kayso's New Single "NEVERMIND”

20-year-old singer-songwriter Avery Grace steps to the front of our playlists on her latest collaboration with KAYSO. The compelling single titled “NEVERMIND” places itself in a musical catalog that has totaled over 170,000 streams since 2020.

The contents of this track have Avery Grace straying away from the realm of pop as she experiments with R&B and hip-hop. “NEVERMIND” depicts a tale of a one-sided relationship and its riddled complexities.

The dark percussion, synth, and pad elements scoop us into an almost ethereal feel as “NEVERMIND” pours from your speakers. The collaborative duo of Avery Grace and Kayso sends us into a sensual frenzy as we grasp onto the intimate offerings showcased. Creating a dimensional dynamic between the two, we hear the elusive chorus trickling in with Avery Grace’s tantalizing timbres. Kayso provides an emcee approach filled with pure attitude as his rhyme schemes leave an impactful feeling of the touchdown. Each glorious harmony transports us to this atmospheric universe chalked full of emotion and conscious thought. Uplifting our souls as we yearn for the passionate display of lyrical motifs from these two, it’s words like “I say never mind. You say baby, why? I say I don’t got time. You say explain it, try” that has us swooning. Leaving us wanting more from his desirable narrative, Avery Grace and Kayso make the pristine duo deliver such heights.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Avery Grace, and congratulations on releasing your latest single, “NEVERMIND,” which features Kayso. What was it like tackling this project together?

"NEVERMIND" is our first collaboration on a track, and we have another one in the works!

What was the vibe emitted when bringing this song to life? Could you please share a glimpse into the creative process?

It’s always a fun, inspiring, and motivating environment when working on music together. Avery had written the chorus a little over a year ago with "NEVERMIND" and trashed it because she thought it wasn’t good enough. For some reason, we took another look at it one night and Kayso wrote his verses in about an hour. We took it to the studio within the next couple of days. "NEVERMIND" came very naturally to both of us.

Taking the plunge from Pop to R&B, what have you noticed in terms of similarities and differences in your creative process?

I’ve been so happy exploring R&B. I feel like it’s what I needed to break out of my comfort zone and explore different areas of writing and singing. I’d say there is a lot of overlap in my creative process with Pop and R&B, but one of the main differences is working on rhythm and melodies. I’ve noticed that R&B comes more naturally to me in terms of creating melodies and singing.

What advice do you have for artists looking to take their music to the next level?

I’d say the best advice that I’ve received is to try and take a step toward your goals every day, small or big. Whether it’s something to do with music or not, just push yourself to do something to help you make progress in one way or another.

What's next for you?

You can expect a few singles coming soon and maybe another EP! In the studio, I've been exploring more R&B as well as trap/rock energy. Check out my website for more! For Kayso, an EP is on the way! He will also be releasing singles on all platforms until the EP.


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