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Weigh The Anchor’s Recent Drop Of “Famous Words” Will Have You Rocking Out Wherever You Are

Weigh The Anchor is a 5 piece, high energy rock band hailing from Oakville, Canada. The band is composed of Mich, Brad, Andrew, Brendan, and Mike. These guys are ready to show the world that music from Canada is only getting better! Weigh The Anchor is ready to take things to the next level. They are starting this year off right with a new single, “Famous Words”. They are also expected to release an EP in early 2019.

Ohhhh yeah! Weigh The Anchor is a 5-pod rock band and definitely one to love! This rock band is rather different than most. They don’t look like a bunch of ragers but their music says otherwise. From their cover art to their individual looks, talk about the element of surprise! A pleasant surprise of course. Just like their latest single “Famous Words”, a killer mosh-pittin’, head-bangin’, floor-jumpin’ theme song. This track is jam packed full of your favorite drums, heart pounding bass, electronic guitars, and amazing vocals. I don’t think I heard the words “Famous Words” but this track is definitely one that will send Weigh The Anchor to the next level in the music industry!

Listen to “Famous Words” here and get to know the band in our interview below!

Hey guys! Would you care to introduce yourselves and your band to our readers?

Hey, we’re Weigh the Anchor, a 5-piece rock band from Oakville Ontario, Canada.

How did you guys form your band "Weigh The Anchor"?

We all met through mutual friends. It was a lot of luck being in the right place at the right time. We were all in similar situations musically and looking for other people to work with and found each other.

What were some of the bands biggest struggles starting out? How did you overcome them?

Being in a band nowadays for anyone has struggles. We have 5 guys that all have full time jobs that we do our best to work around. Our biggest struggle has probably been trying to push through the early stages of being a band to get to the point where this does become our full-time job.

Congrats on the recent release! What’s the message or idea behind the single “Famous Words”?

The overall idea behind Famous Words is about allowing yourself to let go and move forward. It’s about finding strength to move beyond the negative and toxic things in your life when it may seem easier to stay in that situation.

Where do you see the Weigh The Anchor this time next year?

We hope to have a full schedule of playing shows in new cities and countries. Just getting our music out there, growing as a band and building the team around us.

What can we expect to see from your next EP?

A lot of growth mostly. We put a lot more of ourselves and our personal experiences into our new music. We feel that we have grown so much as musicians and as a family since our first EP. We really think that people will connect more with the new songs lyrically and can still enjoy our mix between high energy riffs, softer melodies and everything in between.


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