Welcome Kojau To BuzzMusic!

Welcome to Buzzmusic Kojau! how has your summer been for you and in what ways have you been inspired by this recent past season?

It's been a busy summer for me music-wise; I've been in the studio a whole lot, working on a number of different projects and singles to release later in the year. I've been more keen to tell my life experiences in new ways which has been a worthwhile challenge!

Let's talk about your background! Where did you grow up and how has your upbringing impacted your music?

I lived in Africa when I was younger, which is certainly a different culture compared to here in the USA. I've been exposed to a lot of different cultures and settings in my life and this has made me more globally minded both musically and socially. I take my musical inspirations from a lot of different artists and styles and that will be much more apparent in future releases, especially the longer projects.

Let's talk about your single "Hit N Run". In what ways was this record a step up for you as an artist from your previous  releases?

Hit N Run was just one of those records that clicked and flowed well from the jump. When I heard the beat from BoBeatz, the producer, the hook came to me in seconds. This record is more radio inclined than usual which was an interesting challenge, because topically it had to be more enticing and upbeat, as well as lyrically and sonically. Bee-z was done with his verse far quicker than I was, funnily enough. This one is more lively than most of my other singles which are more laidback.

Was there any specific arrangements you were going for in this song? 

Melodically, yes. I wanted a playful, bouncy vibe that told the story of a heartbreaker who likes to play men. The song is upbeat because it's like "I know what she's trying to do and I won't let her play me", and the hook is also a warning to her and anyone who crosses into her path. Lyrically, it had to be simple and catchy, but I managed to sneak a few punchlines in there!

What's next for you Kojau? can you hint to us what we can expect from your upcoming releases?

I'm in the final stages of putting together an EP, as well as finalizing two more singles that will drop pretty soon. I've probably already revealed too much, so stay tuned!


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