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Welcome The New Year With PDS’s New Single “2019”

A mixture of melodic sounds and heavy beats is what you can expect from PDS album titled “2019”. Ironically, one of the leading songs is called “2019”. Which is a club banger, dance record that i think many people will love! I instantly begin dancing the moment it came on due to the groovy beats and EDM flare I felt from it. “2019” really represents the celebration and fun entering a new year. It’s the perfect song to play at our new year celebrations, parties and commencements. I envision champagne, confetti, glamorous outfits and enticed people who are filled with charisma and excitement for the year that’s ahead of us. PDS in my opinion projected a strategic party record and released it at the perfect time. Everyone is always usually excited to end a year and start fresh. It’s the refreshing, cleansing, and fulfilling moment of we experience after 365 days of draining ourselves with our goals, dreams and life obstacles! “2019” really holds as that celebration single and it’s going to resonate well across many different listeners!


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