Welcome to the Dark Side with, "Nothing to Fear"

Eyethewild's sound is steeped in the glory years of Hard Rock but with a modern and progressive twist that keeps the listeners engaged. Infusing Folk, Progressive Rock, and Metal to create their own Alternative-Rock concoction saturated with attitude and power, the melodies delivered are drenched in sweetness, sorrow, and sometimes a little spite.

Bringing life to the dark and heavy-hitting resonance that is their latest single “Nothing to Fear,” the hauntingly beautiful progressions that are cast out create an almost ethereal universe for us to explore as the listener. The slow to mid-tempo of each monumental percussion hit form a rhythmic depth that pulls you into a sonic voyage that reiterates themes of love and loss on a spectrum familiar to those lucky enough to experience such.

Transporting their sound into an ominous realm that sends chills down our spine, the melodically flowing emotions surge through our speakers and mind, as we tap into the creativity swimming in the flow of Eyethewild. Through finger-plucked guitar riffs, and a cold perspective into a kaleidoscope lens of finer sentiments, it’s easy to see the magnetic appeal that has listeners relating to the lyrical motifs that pour from the burgeoning timbres present in “Nothing to Fear.”

Taking us into the toe-curling guitar solo that further drives this composition in a powerful manner, the way that this sonic transition takes us to a commanding halt is truly notable in the world of goth meets rock tenors. Swirling in an embrace of elusive harmonies, each musical moment in this single wraps us up in what Eyethewild does best.