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Welcome to the Dark Side with, "Nothing to Fear"

Eyethewild's sound is steeped in the glory years of Hard Rock but with a modern and progressive twist that keeps the listeners engaged. Infusing Folk, Progressive Rock, and Metal to create their own Alternative-Rock concoction saturated with attitude and power, the melodies delivered are drenched in sweetness, sorrow, and sometimes a little spite.

Bringing life to the dark and heavy-hitting resonance that is their latest single “Nothing to Fear,” the hauntingly beautiful progressions that are cast out create an almost ethereal universe for us to explore as the listener. The slow to mid-tempo of each monumental percussion hit form a rhythmic depth that pulls you into a sonic voyage that reiterates themes of love and loss on a spectrum familiar to those lucky enough to experience such.

Transporting their sound into an ominous realm that sends chills down our spine, the melodically flowing emotions surge through our speakers and mind, as we tap into the creativity swimming in the flow of Eyethewild. Through finger-plucked guitar riffs, and a cold perspective into a kaleidoscope lens of finer sentiments, it’s easy to see the magnetic appeal that has listeners relating to the lyrical motifs that pour from the burgeoning timbres present in “Nothing to Fear.”

Taking us into the toe-curling guitar solo that further drives this composition in a powerful manner, the way that this sonic transition takes us to a commanding halt is truly notable in the world of goth meets rock tenors. Swirling in an embrace of elusive harmonies, each musical moment in this single wraps us up in what Eyethewild does best.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Eyethewild, and congratulations on the release of “Nothing to Fear.” When it comes to the title of the song tying into the narrative made apparent, there’s much for us to memorably relate to as the listener. Could you please take us into what inspired the creation of this theme?

Nothing to Fear was written about dealing with the sadness, anger, and despair that comes with experiencing unrequited love. It’s illustrated in a way so that the listener can experience a rollercoaster of emotions. The song erupts with pulverizing heaviness and then retreats with a stripped back and ethereal vibe before again climaxing. The dynamic soundscape of this release explores genres that are worlds apart. For the heavy guitar/drum parts we drew on inspiration from thrash metal band ‘Slayer’. And for the verses, which have a much softer more haunting sentiment, we focused on letting the vocals express some heart-wrenching emotion.

In terms of comparing to your previously released work, how does this record match up?

Our sound has traveled so far since our previous releases. With our first 2 singles back in 2019 we were only really discovering our footing as a band. We set the bar with those 2 releases and then raised it to 100. We've also allowed ourselves more time to polish the song arrangements prior to going into the studio, whereas with our previous stuff, we wrote the songs and booked the studio the following week, we didn't spend a lot of time analyzing and perfecting them prior to recording.

What are you hoping that your listeners can reflect on when taking in “Nothing to Fear?" How did releasing this song open your eyes even more?

With this single, and all our releases actually, we hope that listeners can find some unique connection to the song. 'Nothing To Fear' definitely has a darker, heavier vibe (in contrast to our first single Hollywood Dream), we feel it offers listeners a little insight into some of the band members' influences as some of us come from death metal roots. We also love that the track represents just how diverse our sound is.

What is your mission statement as a band? Do you find that the release of this track directly ties into it? Our mission statement as a band?

World domination..? Haha, seriously though I think we as a band just focus on writing music that we really dig. We try not to concern ourselves too much with whether the music fits a particular genre or whether it's radio-friendly etc. We feel that if we like the music and we're genuinely authentic with our delivery then hopefully there are folk out there that will also dig the tunes and connect with us as a band.

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