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Welcome To The World Of Izira Burley

Picture this – A seamless fusion of dark and dream pop infused with ethereal haunting vocals, all set in a sombre atmosphere.

This describes up-and-coming artist Izira Burley, who has established herself as a formidable talent in the music scene. With a devoted following on TikTok, where her videos have amassed over 2 million views, and an impressive feat of creating an original jingle for the brand Almond Breeze,

Izira is making a name for herself as the future of dark pop. Her latest single, “I Only Have The World,” demonstrates her exceptional musical production and songwriting skills, which will captivate listeners worldwide.

The song begins as the listener is enveloped in a shroud of airy echoes, creating a sombre, atmospheric ambiance. Gradually, Izira’s ethereal voice emerges. The setting is cold, dark, and uncertain, yet there is an irresistible allure, drawing you further down the mysterious path that lies ahead.

Additional vocal layers intertwine with the music, building a rich complexity leading to a chorus adorned with strings. Like waves crashing against a shore, the listener embarks on a journey that alternates between darkness and light, a trance-like state you’d never dream to snap out of.

Her lyrics remain dark, exploring chaos, deprivation, and hopelessness. Through her hauntingly beautiful vocals, she delivers the words “unreplaceable, irresponsible, unpredictable, irreversible”, which reflect the nature of destruction. Rather than searching for certainty and offering unwarranted hope, Izira resides in the unknown, setting her apart from other artists. She accepts reality for what it is by embracing the complexities of the human experience.

As the next verse approaches, a distorted guitar soars in and out of focus as the song crescendos to its peak. With the entrance of the drums, listeners are transported into a lo-fi fantasy – magical, mystical and otherworldly. Every instrument is wonderfully curated to play together in perfect harmony, resulting in a dynamic yet mellow sound that is truly unique to Izira Burley. Such a song can only be described as a truly mesmerizing listening experience.

“I Only Have The World” is available now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Izira. Your latest single, “I Only Have The World,” was mesmerizing, to say the least. Were there any influences that helped shape the style of music you created?

Thank you so much; I appreciate that! There are a few artists that helped me discover my music style and the music I knew I wanted to make. Artists such as Muse, Billie Eilish, Evanescence, and King Mala are a few artists that have very similar sounds to the music I love to make. I'm inspired by Alternative and Dark Pop music.

Walk us through your songwriting process.

When I start a new song, the melody usually comes first. After establishing a general idea of the melody, I start the lyrics. I do a lot of things by randomly thinking of some lyrics and writing them down later whenever I feel inspired to keep adding to them. And that's usually how a lot of my songwriting process starts. Sometimes I start a song with just lyrics and create the melody later. But I feel like songwriting comes easily to me when it's a song I'm really in tune with and not a song I'm forcing myself to write and finish.

What do you hope listeners take away or feel when experiencing your music?

I hope listeners can feel my emotions when I wrote the song. I want them to be able to connect with my music and let the song speak to them. However, it does. I want them to have an emotional experience whenever they hear a song of mine, and they might even discover a new part of themselves after the song is over.

What can your fans expect from you moving forward? Do you have any exciting projects in the works?

I am starting to work on new music! I have some songs that I'm excited about and have been planning on for a few months! I'm also hoping that I get to start having a music video in the works soon.

If you were an animal, what would you be?

If I were an animal, I think I would be a dolphin. I love dolphins, they are my favourite animal, and I love the water. I always enjoy swimming, so as a dolphin, I would always be in the water! Lol.


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