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Welcome Yourself Into Wreck's World With, "Wreck's Secret Track"

Independent R&B/Rap artist, Wreck, hails from Dallas, Texas with musical roots. Being influenced by music from a young age, his exploration in all aspects of the art would lead to sparking his career as a lyricist at the age of 19. Going on to accumulate mass attention, and surpassing 25,000 streams with his debut single release, there’s the motive behind the upbeat, driving bass lines heard in many of his songs that listeners tend to flock towards.

Taking an eclectic approach that continues to build over electronic-inspired instrumentation, the most recent single “Wreck’s Secret Track,” has us delving into Wreck’s quintessence as an artistic prodigy looking to live out his legacy.

Through a burst of versatility that’s flexed over his lyrical dexterity, there’s no denying the penmanship that Wreck demonstrates in this Hip-hop forward bop. Taking on a variety of cadences, slicker than the last, there’s a brilliant use of timing and spatial cues that allow the impact of each bar to sizzle in your mind before transitioning your attention to the intensity yet to come.

As we sift through the powerful performance that leaves you wanting more, we can’t turn our focus away from the unique doubling effect on Wreck’s vocalization that carries on throughout the entire track. Creating a barrier of textured distortion that has us that much more invested in the deep, bellows that his tonal distinction conveys, we admire the mesmerizing tenors that have us sky-rocketing with “Wreck’s Secret Track.”

Having us hooked from the moment the first note kicks into the speakers, there’s an undeniable allure that Wreck makes apparent. Latching onto the origin story as well as his artistic techniques, Wreck is an artist for you to keep your eyes on.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Wreck, and congratulations on the release of your latest single “Wreck’s Secret Track.” With a name that automatically draws attention and curiosity to this piece of work, how do the themes discussed tie into the record’s name?

Hey, thanks so much for having me! The title actually started as an inside joke among good friends. Initially, I thought it’d never stick but here we are and I must say I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m a pretty reserved person and this track gives a bit of insight into my struggles. It was actually very humbling to reflect on the challenges I’ve faced and overcome throughout my career and life. The name “Wreck’s Secret Track” embodies a display of the things we usually brush off in order to push on through life. I think it's important that we give ourselves a little credit for our hard work.

Do you remember how the creative process went down for this particular track? Could you please share a glimpse into how you took this vision to the next level?

This song actually came at a really weird time. I thank God that it came when it did though! I was in the midst of my hardest creative slump to date. I figured it was time I really hone in on my emotions and current state. This ultimately resulted in me constructing a really simple beat, nearly a blank canvas to spill my thoughts onto. I learn more and more each day that it's important to focus more on what we put into our work than the fruits they’ve yet to produce. I think the passion and authenticity are what really take this song to new heights each time you hear it!

What happens to be the most important thing that you’d like to accomplish with your music?

My goal has always been to be a genuine source that people can relate to. I’m always striving to dig deeper inside with the hope that we can all find the light within ourselves despite our flaws and hardships. No one has it all figured out but that shouldn't stop us from seeking greatness. We all have a purpose, I just hope I can help others to realize their own.

What are you hoping that your audience can learn from you in “Wreck’s Secret Track?"

I’m hoping the main thing my audience will take from the track is that it's OK to slow down and breathe, even in the midst of chaos, when it feels like your world is crashing down around you. Put your trust in God and his plan for your life. Do the work and something’s bound to move.

What's next for you?

That’s a really good question haha, only time will tell for now. Between projects, I’ll spend my time growing and developing my sound. I’m hoping to collaborate with young talent in the near future, and get some fresh perspectives. Aside from that, we’ll see where the road leads me. I hope you guys are ready for the journey. Thanks again!


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