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Wera Stasiak Is Back With A New Song, "Watch Me"

Berlin-based artist Wera Stasiak's music belongs to the world of pop but is nothing short of influences from other genres such as RnB, Jazz, Electropop, and Dance.

The Polish-born singer Amy Winehouse has always been a significant figure within the industry. However, her current idol Charlotte Cardin is what drove Wera to make music in the first place.

In her songs, the singer/songwriter writes about past and present experiences, which she describes as "polarising." The lyrics are bold, and the sound is a fusion of emotions. In May 2021, she entered the industry with the release of her first single, "Anywhere", followed by "California Daddy" later the same year. Wera's next release, "Watch Me", a song about the relationship of desire and lust, is coming up in July and sets the tone for her debut EP release planned for 2023.

"Watch Me" is a song about lust, passion, and denial. It is sensual connectivity and desire between two people—a build-up of emotions and a passion cluster with no space for relief. But, while your crush denies the lust, you are confident that you're all they want.

We're into something good. With Wera Stasiak's latest release, "Watch Me", we're definitely into something good. The song is a catchy, sensual, and emotional rollercoaster that takes the listener on a journey of desire, passion, and self-confidence. If this is what we can expect from her debut EP, we're looking forward to it.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your new song, "Watch Me"

It was one of those summer fever’s that I found myself catching…haha. I got into a situationship with a guy who was really lost and kept on sending mixed signals and then denied whatever signals he was sending. I would say "Watch Me” was written as a comment on his actions and inability to stay true to himself. But it's also a form of sexual teasing in which I'm confident I'm all he wants, but he's just afraid to have. I’m telling a story from the perspective of a girl who knows well that she is secretly desired, and she chooses to enjoy it. Meanwhile, her crush sinks deep in denial and observes her from behind the curtain.

What does the song mean to you?

I’ve been in similar situations before, and I’d always end up getting hurt. So I wrote "Watch Me” to embrace myself to not treat it too seriously. All my previous releases, such as "Anywhere" or "California Daddy," were written from the place of a "sad girl" who is really suffering inside. This time I'm actually a bit amused by the actions of my crush. By writing "Watch Me," I'm basically telling myself I'm cool with everything he does because I'm cool with myself in the first place. It's about self-worth and confidence. Following the mindset that I do not need to impress anyone except for myself.

What was the recording process like for this song?

It went actually smooth. I wrote the first draft of the lyrics in an hour or so...It was also the first time that I’ve had a writing session with a super young and extremely talented producer from Berlin - Adam Le Hamel. We've been hanging out in his self-made home studio when out of the blue, Adam came up with this little melody line that somewhat resembled the Middle Eastern scales and harmonies. We pitched it up, looped it, and then worked around the track, building a proper chord progression, etc. I loved how natural the process of writing with Adam was. We just clicked and drew so much inspiration from one another. I'm truly excited to continue working with Adam on the upcoming projects. What do you hope listeners take away from "Watch Me?"

I feel like "Watch Me" is such a universal song. On one hand, I think lots of people out there have been through similar complicated love stories, or should I say "flings". Emotions can be a real deal to cope with, and it's important to always find your center. For me, it's when I write that I feel most grounded. I believe for someone else, it can be listening to a song that feels so relatable, just to know they are not alone. On the other hand, the intent of "Watch Me" is not to make us all cry together about life and relationships. It's more of a "chin up, chest out" kind of song. I want every listener to feel sexy, confident, and desired. In the end, we all have our secret admirers, so why not let them watch how we thrive.

What's next for you?

Together with Adam Le Hamel, we are currently working on the songs for my first EP. I'm super excited as I'll finally be able to tell a story that's been sitting in the farthest, isolated corner of my heart. The past years have been quite an emotional journey for me, and I'd love to finally put it down in words and notes.


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