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Wes Delux Aims For The Stars But Stays Grounded In “Step Up”

The Atlanta artist and entertainer takes you on a journey through the clouds and the sky with his new release, “Step Up,” from his forthcoming project, 'DeLuxified I.'

Wes DeLux cemented his path as a musician from a young age. After honing his piano, electric guitar, and acoustic guitar skills throughout his childhood, DeLux further leveled up his game by channeling these diverse skills and combining them with witty, gripping bars and punchlines on his new project, “DeLuxified I.”

What does it mean to be “DeLux,” you might ask? “DeLux” itself means “of light," and put, keeping it “DeLux” means keeping it balanced; to see past the surface and recognize the Yin-Yang forces that inhabit all of us, something that becomes apparent in DeLux’s new single, “Step Up.” In “Step Up,” Wes DeLux uses his diverse skills to shine some light on the rap game and bring a raw but positive, balanced, and ultimately infectious energy to his art.

As soon as the beat starts, DeLux instantly transports us to the clouds. With nothing but his gritty, witty bars to keep us grounded, it quickly becomes apparent that DeLux has a vision both for himself and also his music; bars like “Staircase in my mind I had to go a step up” make it clear he’s shooting for the stars, yet lines like “Gotta earn it, gotta learn it” proves that he stays grounded and is more than willing to put the work in to succeed.

Wes DeLux’s “Step Up” brings a unique, refreshing, and ultimately infectiously energetic take on the rap game. Whenever you’re ready to be part of his journey, tap into his new 'DeLuxified I' project, available on November 18th, and in the meantime, keep it DeLux.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Wes DeLux! From the moment we heard your track “Step Up”, your personal drive and willingness to put the work in was instantly obvious. Where did you find that drive, and how does it affect how you approach your music?

Finding my drive - Growing up, I was in a household that always pushed work ethic and gave it your all. Both my parents are top science professors at well-known Universities, and that grind rubbed off on me. I have done everything from sports to teaching AP Biology to Truck driving, but music and creation have always had a stronger grip on me than any of these other endeavors.

I started to play Piano at age 5, Guitar at age 10, and DJed in college, but it wasn’t til about four years ago that I truly fell in love with Lyricism and wordplay, and that's when I dedicated my creation to vocals, and guitar, and dropped everything else. I now work on music and marketing as a full-time job. I also recently started a record label, helping other artists start their careers and grow. One point I want to make about my development… I was always trying to do so much with my work ethic, but I had to listen to my inner self and figure out what path I wanted to take (Vocals). I think this is important for other artists to consider, DON'T spread yourself too thin!

One thing we noticed on “Step Up” was how infectious the energy you bring to your music is. What message do you want fans to take away from this song?

‘Step Up’ is about stepping up to the plate inside yourself and realizing who you are. What is stopping you from doing what you love? What insecure thoughts are limiting you from your potential? You can never overcome your fear without stepping up and facing it. Artists, let's face ourselves so we can give the world our best creation. The biggest enemy is your own ego.

The official music video for “Step Up” was super dope. What was your favorite part about shooting the music video, and how does it tie into your vision as an artist?

So ‘Step Up’ was my first Official Music Video, and I HAD A BLAST MAKING IT. Because it was the first true video look into the DeLux life, I wanted to give it that homegrown vibe for the first half and then symbolize transitioning out into the chaotic world with the 2nd half graffiti scenes. The closet studio and room that the video starts in is my actual bedroom inside my downtown Atlanta apartment. The video was directed by Sean Carruthers with help from Garrett Cardoso.

Your new album, “DeLuxified I,” is dropping soon. How did you bring your vision to life, and what does it mean to you to share this project with your fans and new listeners?

‘DeLuxified I’ brings my motto to life - “A Yin Yang in the Rap Game” - This project is three years in the making, carefully selected to fit together to symbolize the transition of ego to spirit. The album's first half showcases the ego side of my rap creation and the “run it up” and “Im that dude” mentality. Then as the album continues, it shifts to a more conscious and aware vibe which symbolizes the inner buddha inside of me, wondering why I get lost in capitalistic, materialistic, and egotistical mindsets. Everything is balanced, and WesDeLux is never afraid to explore all aspects of himself. I hope my opposite energies colliding helps others understand they must explore and uncover all parts of themselves to reach their full potential.


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