Wes Hampson Takes on the Acoustic Grunge Scene

Is there actually an acoustic grunge "scene" per se? There actually is and it's been going strong since the late 1990s. There is a special something about Wes Hampson's acoustic grunge record that brings on that feeling of being a teenager, heading over to your best friend's place to play Grand Theft Auto and eat White Castle all night. It's warm and comfortable, familiar but exciting. The album, titled "Uncertainty", really grasps that feeling and gives you something totally new simultaneously.

Enticing guitars keep the record afloat with melodies and the vocals push that momentum all without losing that grunge aftertaste you find yourself craving more of once you start the LP. Top to bottom this record is strong and impressively is helmed by a single human. Hampson performs and records all the instruments and singing heard on the album. This seems to be something seen a bit more often now. One man bands relying on only themselves to get the sound they really wanted in the first place. It's just not always pulled off this well. Indulge yourself in "Uncertainty" when you can. If you get through the whole LP, there is a great surprise waiting at the end for you.